2005 ongoing industry features and designer & artist interviews

The following industry features are part of the ongoing feature pages on 6moons.com.

They converse with noted designers, musicians or other personages in the wider audio industry whose experience, research or inventions might be of interest to the audio hobbyist.

The choices (of who to interview when) are a function of the writer's personal curiosity and familiarity as well as matters of timing and availability. After all, most folks making a living in this cottage industry called High-End audio are busy enough with their own day-to-day responsibilities to make taking a few hours out to answer questions over the phone an often less than appealing proposition. In certain other cases, the simple matter of language and who to turn to for translation becomes a challenge that can't always be successfully overcome. However, with the passage of time, it is hoped that dialogues with European and Asian designers via e-mail exchanges will become part of this column.

December 2005
Cabasse La Sphere
Inner World Music
Zu Stuff
New Sensor News
Avantgarde-USA resigns
Pitch perfect: "Tone Studio West"
MagneQuest News
Professional mastering monitors: Pro or Con?
Grey marketeers
How do you like your eggs?
November 2005
Audio Nouveau
Show Time: Paris, Veldhoven & Brussels
DACT goes DualConnect
Goto Unit
Dared launches MP5
Audio Fetishism
Roy Johnson on measurements
Ed Schilling on the loose
Opera goes Kusunoki
System Tuning
Audio Consulting's Silver Rock goes remote
Stealth Cable's new NanoFiber Carbon Fiber Model
From parts to parts
Gemme Audio's Concerti 108
The Force: Power Plays
Amorphous Core Transformers
An Evolving Scenario - Audiophiles embrace Hard Drives
Building Community - Crossing the English bridge
October 2005
Realsization: Chapter 6
Marja & Henk at RMAF 2005
Paul Candy's RMAF 05 coverage Part 2
Our First Retiree
A5 - A Call To Action
Stephaen's Best Sound at RMAF 05
Class D for Determined.
Blurring Boundaries. Deliberately.
Stephaen does RMAF 2005
Avantgarde DUO OMEGA: Concept & Update Kit
Paul Candy does RMAF 2005
Brief notes on RMAF 2005
September 2005
Continental Divide: Open Mind vs. Scientific Rigor
Horten HiFi Show of Norway
Zu does Easton
Helsinki HiFi Show
Zen Variation #8: The Power JFET Amplifier
Zen amps
Will the original please stand up?
Importers in a changing market
From Unity to Cerious - A Brief Talk with Robert Grost
Avantgarde Audio of Jackson Hole, Wyoming
August 2005
Where are your bad reviews? Addendum
July 2005
Too set against SETs to forget? Part 3
Where are your bad reviews?
Too set against SETs to forget? Part 2
Too set against SETs to forget?
The Passion of the Internet II
The Passion of the Internet
Dust Bites
A Bright Future?
RAM:EF13: On the design process
Mahler's 5th to the 14th power

June 2005
Why digital suffered
Synesthesia Part 2
A Talk with Mark Waldrep of AIX Records
Three Years and still Kicking
Realsization 4: More reports from the field
The future of loudspeaker design?
Realsization 3: More reports from the field
Realsization 2: Reports from the field
Modification Mania
Magico Ultimate
The Journey
Timo Väänänen "Voyage | Matka"
May 2005
22 is the new 69
Digital transmissions
Pedal off the metal
The HDCD catalogue
T.H.E. Show Robbery: Happy Conclusion
Lost in Translation
Marja & Henk reflect on HE2005
Trusting your own ears
Srajan Ebaen reflects on HE2005
Paul Candy reflects on HE2005
From the trenches: A manufacturer's view point
Jules Coleman reflects on HE2005
HE 2005 Pages 1-9
April 2005
Linkwitz Lab Orion
Music in Film
Sick Patient
Krell Evolution
Web Radio
Three Shows In A Row
Para's Dime
Custom-ization of a different kind
Irving 'Bud' Fried passes
For Argument's Sake
March 2005
1st Roundtable Discussion - Part 3
Germany's World of HiFi
1st Roundtable Discussion - Part 2
1st Roundtable Discussion
The HiPod
On Bones & Spurs
Zero-Sum Game?
How to listen: Synesthesia
The Mayan Factor
Alexei Alexa, Traffic Cop
Gizmodromic Consumerism
All Buzz, No Biz?
February 2005
Auroville: Chips & Bile
Marja & Henk's Tour de Fons
The 2004 European Triode Festival
Intelligent and falling chips
IsoClean's comprehensive power delivery solutions
1000ASP - the perfect amplifier?
January 2005
DEQX - The Future of Loudspeaker Design?
Mike Healey does the CES 2005
The Las Vegas Open
T.H.E. Show 2005 burglary update
CES 2005, pages 6-8
T.H.E. Show 2005 burglary
CES 2005, pages 1-5
First-ever Montana High End Show
The Consumer/Pro Convergence
CES 2005