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Jamie LANister lives – SOtM's new iSO-CAT7 [$450] is an inline network isolator/filter so RJ45 goes in/out whilst the filtering probably involving isolation transformers and more happens inside the block which treats each of Ethernet's four signal lines separately. A Special Edition [$800] adds three 50cm dCBL-CAT7u links of different tuning. A special Xmas Edition [$450] limited to 100 units includes a single 30cm cable link.

Arachnophobic? – With Audio Physic's new midrange, your fear of spiders will be healed. Available as retrofit for their original Midex and Codex models [€2'900/pr upgrade kit includes new xover] and standard in the current iterations, this driver does away with the inner centering suspension called spider which traditionally is corrugated cloth stiffened in resin but also a known source of nonlinear distortion. The new German driver thus eliminates that cause and effect to heighten resolution and spaciousness. Prices for the new Midex and Codex start at €11'500/pr and €14'000/pr respectively.

Cool cat from JCAT – At €4'500, JCAT's new Optima S ATX bills itself as the world's first totally uncompromised fully linear power supply for computers. The rear panel thus sports DC outputs for 5V/2A, 12V/2A plus headers for CPU, PCIE, HDD and 24-pin motherboard feeds with separate ports for the shields of the included cables which are meant for those connections.

Rethm 2022 – Jacob George of India's speaker house Rethm in Cochin has announced a fully overhauled lineup featuring new cosmetics and driver orientations. Shown from left to right are the new Aarka, Trishna, Maarga and Saadhana. Polish correspondent Dawid Grzyb is promised one of the first review loaner pairs of Aarka. We'll look out for his findings soon.

v2 cubed – Cube Audio's Nenuphar and Nenuphar Mini range of widebander speakers "now has even more bass and high-frequency extension with slightly less upper midrange energy. This results in absolute sonic immersion. The new v2 wood finishes are oak and smoked eucalyptus and the new drivers are the F8neo v2 and F10neo v2."

Bella – Heco's new BellaDonna two-way rear-ported monitor [€4'999/pr with stands] is that and not poisonous. It combines a 20cm Kraftpaper mid/woofer with 32mm copper/aluminium voice coil with a 30mm soft-dome tweeter for 34Hz -6dB extension and a 2'600Hz 3rd-order filter frequency. Biwire terminals offer a +2dB high-pass option and the chassis uses up to 25mm thick walls to put 18kg on the scale. Finish is cherry wood with ice-silver lacquer.

Fidelity connected – Ex Astrin Trew boss Michael Osborn has launched connected-fidelity™ to offer cables across all categories, fuses, RF blockers and a balanced 2Kva power mains supply. Check it out. This incidentally is somewhat old news but we just got the press release.

70 years later – That's Nagra's Reference Anniversary turntable [$175K], the firm's first which was under R&D for the last four years. It uses a dual-motor 11.2kg engine whose belt-transferred power is controlled by an accelerometer comparator against a quartz reference to insure speed stability for the 6.5kg areospace-alloy floating platter. Nagra's trademark modulometer affords easy calibration and pitch control. There's an aluminium sub platter with phenolic interlayer, a spheroidal graphite-iron shaft-bearing housing, induction-hardened steel shaft with sintered bronze bushing and an oil-lubed stacked carbide ball bearing. A 22mm transparent methacrylate surface finishes the platter with skeleton-watch insight into the motor drive unit. The record weight is pure copper. The suspension borrows from the HD Preamp and HD DAC X, the external power supply and drive unit run off super caps for virtual battery power. The bespoke 10.5" tonearm uses twin-concentric carbon-fiber tubes with intermediary wood layer. There's magnetic anti skating and silver monocrystal tonearm wiring sourced from Crystal Cable. VTA adjustments are on the fly via rotary collar. Azimuth is adjusted via an eccentric portion of the tonearm with accompanying dial. Overall dimensions are 661 x 451mm and weight is 80kg.

Flying below the radar – It's the Stealth [$1'495], Music Hall's first direct-drive turntable with a brushless motor, 4-pound rubber-damped aluminum platter, aluminum tonearm with on-the-fly VTA adjustment, pre-mounted/aligned Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, auto shut-off and standby modes, touch-activated electronic speed control for 33.3, 45 and 78rpm, removable head shell, dust cover and small external power adapter.

Liberty II – From Michal Jurewicz's new Liberty II line comes the latest third-width DAC [€1'295] with 32/768 PCM and native DSD256 plus MQA. AES/EBU, 2 x coax, Toslink and USB2 inputs plus RCA/XLR outputs and 6.3mm 3w/3A headfi combine with hardware-based 256 x 0.5dB 32-bit volume control and black/silver finish options. Weight is 2kg, dimensions are 14 x 22.5 x 4.4cm and warranty is 2 years.

Earwax lirical – Now you can with Meze's new closed-back Liric headphone [€2'000]. Exploiting a downscaled Rinaro planarmagnetic diaphragm with trademark hybrid traces, each membrane sees a pressure-release vent inside an otherwise sealed ear cup. Performance specs are 100dB/1mW sensitivity at 32Ω and 4-92'000Hz bandwidth. Comfort specs are 391g weight from a low-mass magnesium frame and a ventilated headband cushion. Accessories included are a hard case, 1.5/3m cables terminated 3.5mm, a 6.3mm plus airplane adapter and a cable pouch.

Crank up the – spl s1200 [€6'499], the German pro-audio house's big new class A/B stereo amp with linear power supply which delivers 300/500wpc into 8/4Ω via RCA or XLR. As is typical for the brand, the metal face plate can be ordered black, silver or red and included are three such baffle inserts which affix magnetically to create quick accessorizing ops.

Exact streaming – That's exaSound's new s88 MkII streaming DAC. "Featuring a reference-grade 32-bit converter, Roon-Ready streamer and headphone amplifier in a stylish full-size monolithic enclosure, the s88 excels at ergonomic simplicity and sonic perfection." On how the MkII upgrades the original, "new output stages with improved micro-symmetry of the balanced outputs; Tidal Connect lets Tidal apps on iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows stream directly to it; manual selection of PCM reconstructions filters and roll-off filters; new S/PDIF and Toslink settings allow compatibility with consumer-grade devices that exhibit high jitter; Bluetooth audio streaming; new advanced settings refine the transition playback states from track to track." As a multi-channel device, the s88 can play up to 8 channels of DSD256 or two channels at DSD512. The eight channels can be configured for 4-way digital crossovers and the XLR/RCA outputs can be run simultaneously.

AT&T – Today that means Audio Technica news times two. Welcome their AT-DAC100 [$699] and matching AT-BHA100 [$999] balanced hybrid tube headphone amp. The latter exploits 4 x JJ ECC 83S for voltage gain plus a quad of power transistors for the current buffer. Outputs are on 4.4mm and XLR4 plus twin 6.3mm. Two headphones can run simultaneously, with separate volume control for each. A line output anticipates powered speakers and inputs are on RCA and XLR. Inside are New Radio Japan Muse 8220 op amps, Wima and Shinyei film caps and a four-layer PCB. External is the power supply. The DSD 512 DAC also supports 32/768 PCM and runs off the AKM AK4452 VN converter plus TI LME 49860 op amps with Nichicon and Wima caps. There are USB-B/C inputs, coax and Toslink and RCA outputs plus an external power adapter. Metal brackets can run each component upright on its narrow end.

AC Evolution – That's in triplicate if you go with Akiko Audio's forthcoming Triple AC Evolution [€450] passive power conditioner, a 'stick' which plugs into the power line in parallel to your components. The noise-absorbing tech sits inside its barrel where three sealed chambers treat power line ground without imposing any current limitations.

Titanic – Magico's Titan 15 dual 15" subwoofer is enormous at $32'000 and 390lbs. Aside from custom woofers and a signature sealed aluminium enclosure, this subwoofer packs dual 3.2KW class D amplifiers and an electronic crossover with menu-based DSP control.

Set the table – … for the CH Precision MORSe transport that's built into their D1.5 SACD/CD transport [€34'300 without, €39'000 with DAC]. MORSe is short for mechanically optimized reading system. It points at a 1kg brass sled mounted via alpha-gel suspension onto the 2kg billet-aluminium frame shown. This Swiss machine reads SACD, CD and MQA-CD discs and configured as a pure transport, outputs digital over AES/EBU, coax and Toslink to your DAC. Naturally it can also connect to the firm's own C1 and C1 mono DACs, integrated amplifier, T1 master clock and X1 external PSU.

New cop show from Copenhagen – That'll be the Copland CSA70, a 70/130wpc into 8/4Ω solid-state integrated with 6922-based MM phono stage. There are three line-level inputs, there's digital via USB, dual Toslink and coax, there are fixed/variable pre-outs and there's a 40Ω 6.3mm headfi socket. There's even an optional Bluetooth module. Finish options are black or silver.

Novel Nola – Carl Marchisotto's Nola brand adds the Champ S3 [$9'500/pr] and Metro Grand Reference Gold Series 3 [$60'000/pr] to their portfolio. "The 42×9.5×12" HxWxD Champ S3 3.5-way design can be considered a modern-day Alon I. 1" silk-dome tweeter and dual 3" midranges house in our open-baffle configuration. Twin 6.5" low-mass woofers operate in separate tuned chambers. The crossover includes Mundorf oil capacitors and Nordost monofilament silver wiring in critical junctions." The other model "has been upgraded with new crossover tech, new midrange and bass drivers and proprietary refinements. The true ribbon tweeter improved with new components built in-house. The twin magnesium cone super alnico woofers are re-engineered for extremely low electrical and magnetic distortion. Nordost internal silver wiring is used throughout."

See ya in Hades – You can with the forthcoming Denafrips Hades preamplifier of which this sneak-peek photo just dropped on FaceBook. We know nothing else just yet so must wait for specs and pricing to follow…

You want it darkzer – Ansuz do. Their ball-bearing Darkz isolation footers just grew two new toes – well, versions. The Z2S combines zirconium plates with the company's Supreme coating. That gets applied in a high-power impulse magnetron sputtering unit to add outer skins of tungsten, titanium and titanium nitride over the zirconium core. Here the decoupling spheres are tungsten. The junior S2T Darkz version goes to stainless steel plates and titanium spheres instead. Either way, Aavik electronics and Børresen loudspeakers feature the necessary receivers. Of course Darkz can be fitted to off-brand gear as well. Resonance control doesn't matter? My foot.

Brama Collection – New from Vinnie Rossi and named after the Italian word for desire comes a range of preamplifier, integrated and stereo power amplifier. Industrial styling is compliments of Olivier Raymond of Porsche Design/Mercedes Benz. Features include a remote-switchable fully balanced 300B/transistor line stage [$33'995], 350/500wpc into 4Ω class AB Mosfet power for the integrated/stereo amps [$38'995/$33'995], a 100-step precision resistor ladder volume, fully balanced i/o, home theater bypass, memory functions and input-specific selections of gain, triode percentage, balance, phase and stereo/mono mode.

The FMJ Bluetooth remote offers adjustable backlighting, ambient light sensing, an accelerometer, USB charging and firmware updates. The linestage offers -12dB, -6dB, 0dB, +6dB and +12dB gain, triode mode in 25% increments and 12-step balance control. The 6063R billet-machined bead-blasted and laser-engraved aluminum enclosures use analog gauges with precision air-core movements, machined aluminum hands and adjustable backlighting. Sapphire glass and polished stainless steel bezels integrate them into the front panel.

The precision stepped rotaries are Swiss, the power transformers are 1'750VA for all models, all PSU are dual mono and use super-regulated outputs with protection against over/under voltage/current and temp. Diagnostics are sent to the remote display. Performance specs for the preamplifier are less than 0.01%/1% THD in transistor/triode mode, ±0.5dB bandwidth of 5Hz-100kHz and S/NR of better than 110dB. The amplifiers are 2Ω stable, with ±0.5dB bandwidth of 5Hz-100kHz, 18/26dB of adjustable voltage gain and sub 0.01Ω output impedance.

Weight per component is from 45-50kg.

Shaken 'n' stirred – Cocktail Audio's new N25 Amp [€1'199] is. Fresh from South Korea, this 75wpc streaming amp with 4.6" display—a version without built-in amp is also available—has Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music et all plus DAB+ even an FM tuner mixed in. Ditto aptX, aptX LL and aptX HD plus USB 3.0, Toslink, coax and HDMI ARC. Number crunching is by dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor and ES9018MkII to cover DSD, MQA and PCM up to 24/192.

Elysian dales – Hello 1 [€3'690/pr], Wharfedale's new monitor in their Elysian range. At 49x26x28.5cm HxWxD and 15kg, it's smaller than the existing 2 and 4. It's a 7" 2-way with AMT tweeter and downfiring 49Hz slot port venting into a plinth. Curved side walls undermine pronounced standing waves and finish options are high-gloss black, white or nut tree veneer. A matching €590/pr stand picks up the same finish in its own plinth.

Stop the iFixation – Hello new 'uRange' of Aavik integrateds. The U-180 [€9K], U-280 [€15K] and U-580 [€30K] add integrateds with DACs and pre-outs to the Dansk portfolio. Hello Pascal-based class D, resonant switching power supplies, BurrBrown DAC and plenty of proprietary Ansuz noise attenuation tech. Socketry is 3 x RCA inputs, 1 x RCA output, dual BNC digital, dual Toslink and single USB. Remote control is by included Apple wand.