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Shine up – Hendry Ramli of Bali's Vermöuth Audio is working on a new range of 3-way studio monitors. As is expected by now, the drivers start with a Raal ribbon on top, then continue as Accuton ceramics. Finishing is high-gloss black and even white is under consideration. All of them will be active, too.

Int Plus One – That's Alluxity's integrated amplifier in MkII guise. "The revised MkII edition produces 200/400/800wpc into 8/4/2Ω and has a new preamp section and volume control for front-to-back dual-differential circuitry, lower noise, reduced distortion, higher resolution, better bandwidth and a +6dB gain increase. The improved volume control features more relays to offer 1dB steps across -79dB to +13dB." The Int One MkII [$9'500] is available in black, white, silver and titanium orange.

Evolution in Cambridge – Hello evo150 [$4'299], a new all-in-one from Cambridge Audio. It packs a full 150wpc/8Ω of nCore power with a Roon Ready full MQA Sabre DAC, adds a big 6.8" LCD display, 3.5mm headfi, Bluetooth aptX HD i/o, 3 digital/analog inputs each, sub out and phono. For half the power and simpler connectivity, there's the evo75 [$3'299]. Check out their web pages for the full-fat skinny. Matching CD transport and speakers still to come.

Wave perfectly – PS Audio's new SACD transport [$6'499] promises to do so for SACD, CD and DVD in all their fixed, recordable and rewritable media versions. The PTS will even play an SACD's raw DSD layer and pipe it to the matching PS Audio DAC via I²S over HDMI. It will also output MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and ALAC files played to its USB port. The internal signal path of the PerfectWave SACD transport includes the firm's Digital Lens, a combination of memory buffer and FPGA-based signal processing. For socketry there's I²S/HDMI, coax, BNC and dual AES/EBU. RJ45 and WiFi ports support future firmware updates.

D(i)SC – The disc without the 'i' is Métronome's new DSC aka Digital Sharing Converter aka new DAC + streamer + digital preamp with integral lossless Leedh volume control. There's also a 5" touch screen and high-rate PCM/DSD as well as DLNA/UPnP support.

Kubrick's amp? – Called Hal 300 [AU$9'999], this just might be. From Australia's Heschl Audio Labs, it whittles down their Hal 350 integrated with DAC to a pure power amp which still delivers the same 300wpc into 8Ω, nearly doubles into 4Ω and is reputedly stable into 2Ω. The power supply with 1.6kVA toroidal transformer feeds eight transistors per channel. Inputs are on RCA, outputs on single-wire terminals.

Axis of headfi? – Kimber's new Axios range of headphone cables splits into €699 CU, €1'999 HY and €3'199 AG versions for pure copper, hybrid copper/silver and pure silver. All use a weave of 16 conductors and start at a standard 1.2m. Amp terminations can be 3.5/6.3mm TRS, 2.5/4.4mm balanced, XLR4 or dual XLR3. Longer lengths by request. Headphone terminations are available for Audeze, Audioquest, Beyerdynamics, Denon, Final, Focal, HifiMan, Klipsch, McIntosh, Meze, Dan Clark, MySphere, Oppo, Pioneer, Sennheiser, Sony, Victor/JVC and ZMF.

Stellar – It's Wireworld's new optical HDMI cable with 2.1 ultra high-speed certification across up to 20m. "Now that 4K video is common and major products supporting HDMI® 2.1 are widely available, our cables comply with a stringent specification designed to ensure support for all HDMI 2.1 features including uncompressed 8k@60 and 4k@120. Stellar supports up to 48Gbps and is backwards compatible with all existing HDMI devices. The cable also features exceptionally low EMI which reduces interference with nearby wireless devices."

St. Vincent – That'll be Frank Blöhbaum, developer of the original Thorens circlotronic mono amplifier and matching preamp. Today he works with Vincent Audio so was responsible for their new KHV-200 hybrid head amp. A rear-mounted toggle switches between full and -8dB gain. Also on the back are a 3-stage dimmer and off for the back-lit circular spy glass; dual RCA inputs, fixed/variabe RCA line outputs; and an XLR4 output. On the front are separate balance and volume controls, input selector, power mains and ¼" output. Under the cover are twin E180F and one ECC82 tube behind the front plate; and a power supply behind a full-width divider in the rear. S/NR is better than 95dB, input impedance 33kΩ and max voltage gain 5.13dB. The machine measures 21 x 8.5 x 2.7cm WxHxD, weighs 3.6kg and comes in silver or blsack.

Refracted light index – "Albedo is the measure of the reflection of light from a planet." It's also the name of a Polish silver cable company; and the name of an Italian loudspeaker firm. Now we're in the right place. The speaker house Albedo just launched a brand-new website which they want you to explore. So get on your moon boots and start checking out planet Albedo.

PH x 1000 – It's no new formula to measure the PH value of your drinking water. It's Gold Note's newest phono amp, the PH-1000 [€9'600]. It has a class A ¼" headphone output, more than 40 preset EQ curves, an extra 4 custom-configurable curves and an optional class A line preamp version [€13'500]. There are 7 gain, 12 load and 6 capacitance settings for exploded adaptability all managed by sealed switches not dip switches and from the front panel's master control/display. There are 2:1 RCA:XLR inputs and one more RCA/XLR pair for external load plugs or as line inputs if the preamp option is fitted; plus RCA:XLR outputs There's a stereo/mono control, phase inversion, l/r channel swap and a 10Hz 36dB/oct. rumble filter. The power supply is external and Gold Note's usual black, silver and champagne finish options apply.

Sculpt yer fez – No, you're not traveling to Morocco but Poland today where Fezz Audio have their new Sculptor Reference power delivery box [€1'495]. There are two outlets preceded by a DC blocker, three high-current outlets coming off 3 x 4mm² star-grounded distribution wiring and one low-current 60W outlet with power factor correction, isolation transformer and active filtering above 400Hz. Socketry is gold-plated Furutech. There's also a small screen to display the output voltage. Max load is 3'500W.

I have what she's having – That was the immortal deli order from 'When Harry met Sally'. Today it could be Linn's Klimax DSM as the firm's ultimate streamer with their very own FPGA/flip-flop engineered Organik DAC on an 8-layer circuit board. Check out the videos on their site. In Meg Ryan's universe, DSM is probably shorthand for Double Serving of Multiples.

EX-P27 – Kinki Studio go to preamp gold with their forthcoming fully balanced flagship which combines 4 x RCA/XLR inputs with 1/ea. RCA/XLR variable and fixed outputs. More specs as we learn more.

Binom 1.2 – Camerton Audio's Binom-1 speaker is available in piano-gloss black or a new white lacquer option then fitted with the proprietary balsa widebander's Rev.2 version. That driver replaces its former aluminium elements with impregnated isotropic carbon fiber to increase its self damping and eliminate all eddy currents. The motor has been upgraded too and the totality of improvements is said to offer "a completely new presentation of the high frequencies." Our Warsaw correspondent Dawid Grzyb is currently preparing a review on the revised Binom-1 speaker. Before lending any ear yet, he's already confided that he could drown in the lacquer's luster. "Pictures just don't do any justice to the sheer finish quality at play here." Seeing how he prides himself in the quality of his photos, it seems that Dawid has his work cut out for himself.

Roon boon – The COS Engineering D10 just became Roon Ready. This 5-in-1 deck from Taiwan combines a DAC, preamp, headamp, streamer and phono stage with now Roon's library organizer, curator and display plus its built-in DSD/PCM upsampler, multi-channel support and more. Welcome to the Roon network, D10!

Check out your Luxman cart – Celebrating 95 years in the high-end biz, the Japanese firm have launched a reference moving-coil cartridge called the LMC-5 [€2'290]. Presented in a half-open aluminium body lacquered dark red, there's a Shibata-profiled diamond on an aluminium carrier backed by a samarium-cobalt motor with balanced coils wound of 30µm ultra-thin wire. This generates 0.4mV signal with 4.7Ω internal resistance. The entire assembly weighs 8.5g and recommends a setting of 2.1-2.3g tracking weight and 40Ω+ termination resistance.

Torus v2. Wilson Benesch are readying their infrasonic generator Torus in next-gen guise [~£13'000] for a Q3 release at Munich High-End. Their 18" cone of less than 200g is woven from carbon fibre and polyethylene terephthalate in a resin matrix. "It can support 1000 x its own mass as a testament to its stiffness." The external structure is round and also of carbon fibre. More details as the release nears.

Makro not Marko – Makroaudio's MkII passive power distributor [€435] does away with power plugs by hardwiring its 8 x 1 to 1.5m power cords with ferrite coils to the device itself which uses 64mm² OFC copper rails to distribute the AC to each power cord. The face plate can be black or silver and the main cord to the wall 1.5 – 3 meters long.

Inches matter – That motto can backfire, too. What if a 16-inch woofer'd 100lbs sub is too huge? SVS tackle that issue in gloss black or white in their new $800 3000 Micro sub. This compact combines dual 8" force-cancelling aluminium woofers with 24mm Xmax in a ~11" sealed cube. It's powered by 800-watt class D then tailored with comprehensive app-based adjustments including a 3-band EQ with three pre-sets, room-gain compensation and a precisely adjustable low-pass filter down to 30Hz. I/o on RCA support LFE and stereo feeds and daisy-chaining.

Sir Pro the Second – That's Melody's new Pro88 MkII 50wpc class AB integrated [€4'899] with a quad of KT88 driven by 4 x XF184 and one Western Electric 407. It weighs a  solid 40kg, includes a bias control with true ampere meter, removable tube cage, metal remote control and 4 x RCA and 1 x XLR inputs. The side panels are solid wood and the metal finish is silver.

2021 icOns – Pál Nagy from Manchester has streamlined his autoformer passive preamp platforms down to three models called, from left the right, the icOn 4 Zen, icOn 4Pro 5xRCA and icOn 4Pro balanced. All come with remote control, the Zen uses 38 volume steps, the other two 68 steps. Pricing starts at £999 ex VAT.

God of war – No, it's not the mighty Mars bar but Kratos the new mono amp from Cees Ruijtenberg of Acelec, Metrum and Sonnet. Conceptualized around tube-hybrid performance executed with high-voltage Fet instead to drive class AB output Mosfets, "the measurable properties are identical to triodes without their aging". A 400-watt power supply generates 50/90 watts into 8/4Ω with output noise of just 350µVrms. Bandwidth is 10Hz-90kHz -3dB. Input impedance is 15kΩ on RCA, 60kΩ on XLR. Voltage gain is 30dB, max power consumption 400 watts.  The EU price with 21% VAT is €5'500/pr, €4'545/pr for the rest of the world.

Not MG Grand but Clear – Hello Focal and their new 55Ω Clear Mg headphones [$1'490] whose suffix abbreviates magnesium for the alloy of its 40mm diaphragms. There's a solid aluminium yoke,  leather headband, microfiber ear pads and 24-gauge copper cables of 1 x 1.2m with 6.3mm adapter jack, 1 x 3m with XLR4. There's even an optional stand. Sensitivity is 104dB/1mW/1kHz and claimed bandwidth 5Hz-28kHz. Wear weight is 450g and finish a 'multi-metal' chestnut.

Micro – That's the new active version of the Vermöuth Audio Micro Studio Monitor from Bali which relocates its port to the top then runs on nCore amplification/DSP. The two-way design combines a Raal 7020XR ribbon tweeter with a 5" ceramic Accuton mid/woofer and the firm's own OCC copper hookup wiring. Finish is piano gloss black as shown.