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DAC the 3rd – It's the new audioengine DAC3 [$149] with USB C input and 3.5mm headfi output bracketing an ES9281A Pro Ultra DAC with 32-bit volume. The electronics are USB powered, a color-changing LED confirms sample rate and the lot encases in an injection-molded aluminium jacket. Data compliance is 24/96 so anything up to 192kHz gets automatically down-sampled. The headphone chip amp is an LME49726 for 2Vrms signal of 2Ω output impedance.

The Mothership lands… – … in Australia. Rapture is here if you own Burson kit and wish to store it on the custom Mothership stand available 2 [$400] or 4 [$600] high. Get taken up and enjoy the view. A wire channel helps keep that neat. Dims are 40 x 26 x 25/44cm DxWxH so will fit other small gear like iFi Neo/Pro and Singxer.

Le Mét season 2 – It's Métronome's DSS 2 [€4'550] short for digital sharing streamer 2nd generation. "Compact to integrate easily (25x25x7cm), DSS 2 retains the successful housing with a new gray front and adds essential features. WiFi is now integrated, DSD256 supported and all electronics and software are new. This machine is UPnP and DLNA certified, usable with all player apps under their protocols; the recommended app being mConnect Control. It is also Roon Ready, Audirvana compatible and Airplay 1 and Airplay 2 certified. Finish options are silver or black."

Get in… – … on in-akustik's new Reference AC-4500 power distributor [€3.5 to 4.5K depending on config]. "We reliably suppress unwanted interference from the mains by filtering out HF common-mode interference directly behind the mains socket with powerful ferrite cores and providing individual components with specific filter banks. At the heart of the AC-4500 Power Station is powerful DC suppression which re-syncs the two half waves in the event of a DC shift, reducing annoying transformer hum and associated distortion. Current distribution is based on a combination of solid copper bars and special solid high-current connectors. This guarantees extremely low transmission resistances. This is housed in a solid metal enclosure with brushed black anodized aluminium front. At the rear, up to six high-quality sockets are shielded from each other in groups." That last detail points at modularity. The AC-4500's vertical-boards build means it can be ordered with the number and type of outlets/filtering desired.

VR – It's virtual reality Vinnie Rossi style as first Brama preamps reach their new owners. If you were curious what one of those looks like under the bonnet, here's a shot of one showing military-style mounted 300B, big filter caps and one gargantuan 1'750VA power transformer. What it doesn't show is the trick BT full-metal remote with advanced interactive features; nor the round displays. For the full hit, visit the website.

PX4+4 – No, that's not a new exotic direct-heated triode. The Px8 [$699] is B&W's new flagship active noise-cancelling wireless headphone. It scales up the existing Px7 S2 on sound with new 40mm carbon drivers angled inside the ear cups. Available in black or tan leather as shown, the arm structure is cast aluminum and each elliptical logo plate flaunts a diamond-cut edge. Earcups, memory-foam pillows and headband trim out in Napa leather. Qualcomm aptXTM adaptive, USB-C and 3.5mm analog cover input scenarios. The necessary cables for wired connections are included. Onboard DSP promises 24-bit resolution from streaming services. Out of its six  microphones, two measure each driver's output, two react to ambient noise and two provide voice clarity with enhanced noise suppression. The launch of the Px8 coincides with a major upgrade for the B&W Music App. This allows Px8 users to stream their music directly from mobile device over Deezer, Qobuz and Tidal. Physical controls on each earcup ensure full control even without the Music App and the Px8 can also launch a phone's voice assistant at the touch of a button. 30 hours of battery life and a 15-minute recharge to replenish seven hours are more performance specs.

790 + 791 = $45'000 – Yes, that's the math of Kinki Studio's new top separates of 790 preamp [$20K] and 600-watt 791 monos [€25K/pr] teased in the linked-to announcement. In it we read of 4 x 800VA transformers per mono coupled to 88'000µF of capacitance and 8 pairs of lateral Exicon Mosfets. The preamp offers 0, 3 or 6dB of voltage gain, dual RCA and XLR inputs each, twin RCA and single XLR outputs and mounts the signal-path circuity on an elaborate suspension system to float above the dual-mono power supply. Clearly this company is no longer content to just be called a high-value brand from China. That tiger has roared, that ship sailed. Of course their current range remains available. It's the new top tier that's now hunting big-game shoppers. And who knows, forthcoming reviews could find that the value equation remains because Kinki now compete with Gryphon, Pass and other heavy hitters on their own turf?

Neo goes streaming – It's iFi's new Neo Stream [£1'299] with Roon Ready certification, DLNA, UPnP, Tidal/Spotify Connect and Apple Airplay. The internal DAC supports 768 PCM and native DSD512 while the 16-core XMOS processor performs full MQA decoding. A special wrinkle is the optical LAN input with included OptiBox converter to your router. The Neo Streamer can be used in horizontal or vertical mode with auto-rotating display and included stand. The USB port includes active noise cancelling, the S/PDIF outputs are fitted with iPurifier tech whilst the 'retina-grade' TFT display can't inject noise into the audio circuitry.

Monitor these monitors – It's the new 4-square Platinum 3G range celebrating Monitor Audio's 50th anniversary. There's a new 3rd-gen AMT tweeter and composite dynamic cone which surfaces a Nomex honeycomb core with ceramic-coated aluminium plus dual 90°-offset carbon fiber skins. Its new motor system exploits Neodymium magnets and an underhung edge-wound voice coil. Other improvements are the elliptical crossover promising perfect time alignment across the filter transition; and piano ebony or black plus satin white finishes. The 300 floorstander is €14K/pr, the smaller 200 €11K, the 100 monitor €5.5K and the C250 3G center €4'750/ea.


Nth Degree NCF – That mouthful is the Artisan Silver Cables new flagship interconnect with Furutech's flagship CF-102 NCF RCA connectors whose addition the company feel has taken their pure silver cable to new heights.

British beemer fleet – It's B&W's new 703 S3 range with trickle-down tech from the flagship 800 Series Diamond. It's eight deep with three floorstanders, three monitors and two center channels. "In a first for the 700 Series, slimmer cabinets feature a curved baffle and drive units mounted in external pods available in an all-new Mocha grained wood finish plus gloss black or white."


Sir Terminator the Third – It's Lumin's new T3, a twin ES9038 streaming DAC with Leedh volume control and Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, MQA, Tidal, Tidal Connect, Qobuz, TuneIn and AirPlay. The internal processing system is all new "for greater resampling flexibility and future-proofing". Even the case's surfacing finishing was upgraded to Lumin's high-end P1 level.

Radio the kitchen table – You can with Ruark's new R2 [$899] which overhauls the 2007 classic. This 4th iteration shrunk in overall size to fit 'anywhere' even better. It's still a DAB+, FM and Internet tuner with presets and direct support for Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and Bluetooth 5. But there's also a USB-C charge/playback port, analog in and headphone out. Internal power isn't class D but A/B. There's even an IR remote. Finish options are light cream lacquer with ash grille or espresso lacquer with walnut grill.

B.thy mono – So the laird said and so it was. Hello B.amp, a 300/500-watt into 8/4Ω class A/B fully symmetrical monaural circuit with class A p/p driver stage. It also contains the French company's IOD or Intelligent Output Drive, a proprietary application of local feedback to linearize operation under all working conditions. It even claims to reduce crossover distortion to below the measurable threshold. This suggest class A type sonics without generating the same heat. €24'900/pr. rings the bell.

Mano i mono, exposed – It's Exposure monaural addition to their 3510 series using a 100-watt bipolar output stage, direct coupling to avoid signal-path capacitors and a linear power supply. S/NR is given as better than 110dB A-weighted, input impedance at 50kΩ and input sensitivity at 1.75V. Power consumption is 400W and net weight 12kg/ea. Finish options are black or titanium. Pricing is £2'990/pr.


Flat starlight – It's Wireworld's latest 48 HDMI cable called Platinum Starlight [$800/0.6m, $1K/m, $1.5K/2m, $2K/3m], an ultra high-speed HDMI cable in a flat ribbon with carbon-fibre plugs, silver-clad contacts, solid-silver conductors and isolated power leg.

The Grand Inquisition must return – There's a new heretic in town. It's Montreal's Robert Gaboury now with Heretic Sound System and their AD614 [$7'290/pr], a front-vented 12" coaxial two-way with a 2nd-order 1.7kHz Linkwitz-Riley series filter and broad-shouldered Birch ply cab. The tweeter behind the mid/woofer's dust cap is a 1" compression driver in a short exponential horn. Bandwidth is 45Hz-22'000Hz and sensitivity a high 97dB with a likely non-complex 8Ω impedance since 3wpc amplifiers are mentioned. Stock finishes include acrylic black, semi-transparent oil/wax, white wax and more.

Wings. Lost. – It's Raal's new CA-1a [$2'500], a funky circumaural take on their famous true ribbon headphone, the SR-1A. Gone are the splayed-out open baffles. Now there are faceted earcups with thick foam liners which come in two flavors. There's also a new impedance matching box which now can mate to a standard XLR4 headphone output as long as the host amp can deliver 2 watts into 16Ω or 32Ω. In short, it's no longer necessary to either use a powerful speaker amp or buy a Raal-specific head amp.

Behind the 12th door – It's the Konus Audio room at the October 8/9th Dutch Audio Event co-exhibiting with a Kuzma R turntable with Safir9 tonearm, Living Voice Auditorium R25A speakers, Audirvana Studio, Lumin U2 Mini, CAD GC1.1 and Furutech. Of course there'll be plenty more rooms than #12 so get ye over there and check it out.

Hit town in yer best cape – And no, you needn't be a masked crusader. Come as yourself, to the first-ever Cape Town High Fidelity Experience, October 15th. "The equipment is sourced from boutique manufacturers around the globe and therefore not part of the mainstream trade. As expected, sound quality was our primary concern although build quality, industrial design and heritage have also been taken into account. We think you'll agree that the brands featured speak for themselves. Our friendly venue of the Hohenhort conference building is nestled close to Table Mountain and the three available music rooms form an ideal canvas for the day's entertainment. The carefully curated systems range from those suited to small, intimate settings to ones capable of filling large spaces with enveloping sound. Close attention has been paid to fine tuning the synergy between components."

Z-int – The L-507Z is the first Luxman Z range integrated with their 'integrated feedback engine system'. It's also 110/210wpc 8/4Ω capable with a bipolar push/pull class A/B output stage, includes MM/MC phono, 80'000µF of capacitance, 4.4/6.3mm headfi ports, large VU meters, an LED volume display, ±8dB bass/treble controls at 100/10'000Hz, a remote control and weighs a solid 25.4kg.

Bluetooth Stax? – It's the S3 [€399] from Stax parent company Edifier. It was created in collaboration with Audeze so isn't an e-stat but an 89 x 70mm planar-magnetic 329g wireless headphone with apt-X Adaptive, its own app for DSP tuning, 20Hz-40kHz bandwidth and up to 80 hours of battery power.

BK beckons from beyond – He does with a big 600/1500w into 8/4Ω from PS Audio's new fully balanced Perfect Wave BHK 600 hybrid mono amps [$32.5K/pr] with tube input stage with valve rectifier and an n-channel Mosfet power buffer, 1.6kVA mains trafo and 300'000µF capacitance. These beasts weigh 49kg and measure 17.1 x 11.2 x 14" WxHxD. The model's initials are for the late Bascom H. King who designed the circuitry before his passing.

Le Player season 4 – Métronome continue to build out their entry-level Classica range with the brand-new Le Player 4 top-loading StreamUnlimited transport and ESS Le Dac 2 converter. The favored connection between these digital separates is I²S over HDMI. Le Player 4+ combines their functionality in one chassis. File compatibility is up to 32/384 PCM and DSD 512. To maintain a very clean look, the transport controls locate to an interactive touch strip on the top of these machines. Le Dac 2 puts its controls on a frontal touch screen. Finish options are black or silver.

Unleash the Kraken – The recent expansion of Denafrips into a new very large factory was accompanied by the addition of a design team with much prior experience in speaker design. Their first effort is the Poseidon [S$2'649 or ~€1'900/pr], a 6½" rear-ported 2-way monitor with drivers from Italian specialist SICA. The speaker measures 26x40x36cm WxHxD, weighs 9kg, has 88dB sensitivity and claims bandwidth of 48Hz-20kHz. Its MDF cabinet is finished in high-gloss piano lacquer. Warranty is 3 years.