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Fate – FirstWatt's new F8 [$4'000] revisits their most popular J2 model but simplifies the front end for just three signal-path devices per channel. It applies current not voltage feedback and improves on the J2 specs on bandwidth and damping factor. Like all FirstWatt designs, it's pure class A and low power, producing 25/15wpc into 8/4Ω. The F8 is a push/pull circuit without degeneration resistors, pure single-ended inputs, 15dB of voltage gain, 100kΩ of input impedance and 0.2Ω of output impedance.

Nyx? – Titan Audio's new Nyx and Helios power bars expand this Northern Irish company's portfolio and, in the Helios, they add surge protection without any purported sonic compromises.

Burson's Composer – The new Composer 3X [$1'200] is a class A DAC with USB mini, coax and Bluetooth inputs. Outputs are on RCA and XLR. Conversion silicon is Sabre's ESS9038. USB is via XMOS, Bluetooth 5.0 via QualComm's 96kHz protocol. Opamps are socketed to allow rolling.

Pre, DAC, Headfi – It's the holy trinity according to Violelectric's DHA V590 [€3'190]. AES/EBU, Toslink, coax and USB are resampled to 32 bits then processed by dual mono AKM 4490 DACs. Sample rates up to 384kHz and DSD512 are accepted. 2 x RCA and 1 x XLR cover the analog inputs. Alps pots handle volume and balance. For headphones there are two 6.3mm and one XLR4 output. For preamplitude there's one each RCA and XLR which can be operated simultaneously to headfi. €500 extra buy a relay resistor ladder volume across 256 steps. A remote control is standard either way.

Pluck that leak! – With Leak's new Stereo 130 integrated and CDT transport, you can. Under the aegis of the IAG Group to join Quad, Wharfedale and Luxman, the British cult brand is back. Reviving the 1963 Stereo 30 amp, the new class AB integrated does a modest 65wpc/4Ω. It also does headfi, 384kHz PCM and DSD 256 by ESS Sabre DAC so USB, 2 x Toslink, coax and Bluetooth plus MM phono. The matching CDT is a pure transport but its USB input will play back FAT32-formatted carriers. Finish options are silver skins or optional wooden sleeves. Pricing is well below £1K per component.

St. Vincent de Blöhbaum – Designed by contract engineer Franck Blöhbaum whom we remember as the architect of the stunning Thorens monos, Vincent's new SV-737 [€2'999] is a high-power hybrid integrated. A 6N2P-EV triode input mates to a class AB 180/300wpc into 8/4Ω transistor current output. The first 10 watts operate in pure class A. On board are 6 x RCA inputs, 2 x Toslink, 2 x coax plus WiFi, a record-out, 6.3mm headfi port and biwire terminals. Trim options are black or silver and weight is a solid 21kg. A remote control is standard.

Super-unleaded tweeters? – Aperion Audio's MkII super tweeters use either a magnetostatic film [€340/pr] or aluminium ribbon [€584/pr]. Rotary controls on the back adjust the 1st-order high pass in 2kHz steps from 8-16kHz; and output of 92dB/95dB for the magnetostat and ribbon with up to -5dB attenuation in 1dB steps. The enclosure is high-gloss black or matte black or white. So if top-end brilliance, air and soundstaging could all stand a bit more pep in your step, consider one of these small add-on tweeters.

Take five – A pair of Fives will set you back €899. Voilà, active Klipsch two-way monitors with signature Tractrix horn and 4.5" mid/woofer. An HDMI/ARC port shakes hands with a TV and lets its remote control the volume. 4 channels of built-in power sum to 160 watts total. There are RCA inputs switchable to MM phono, Toslink, USB and Bluetooth. A sub-out feeds an optional subwoofer. Real-wood veneers, retro-styled controls and an included IR remote with dynamic bass EQ round out the proposition. Take five!

Making overtures – … are Auditorium Hifi in the UK with their first shipment of Lithuanian AudioSolutions Overture MkIII speakers priced from £1'200/pr for the O302B monitor to £4'100/pr for the O305F tower. Standard finishes are gloss black and white, exclusive side panels in oak, mahogany or wenge add 10%. This 3rd generation series combines a multi-lam box-in-a-box cabinet with drivers similar to what the company uses in their elite Figaro range.

Half-way addition – QLN's new Prestige 5 floorstander from Sweden [$16'000/pr] adds a second 184mm ScanSpeak woofer to the earlier Prestige 3 two-way for a 2.5-way array. This extends bandwidth to a claimed 26Hz -3dB, weight to 41kg/ea. and dimensions to 105x31x65cm HxWxD. Nominal impedance is 4 ohms, sensitivity 89dB. Available finishes are walnut gloss or matte and satin white.

Li'l brother – That's the meaning of the Swiss Merason Frérot [€1'000], smaller DAC to the firm's full-size dual-mono DAC 1. In a chassis just 22.5 x 5 x 18cm, it packs a single BurrBrown 1794A, USB, 2 x coax and 2 x Toslink, a fully balanced signal path, RCA/XLR outputs and PCM support up to 24/192.

Modern table radio – Ruark's R3 [€799] packs the lot: a smart radio with multi-format CDP, WiFi, Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon, AptX Bluetooth, Oled display with clock, ports for RJ45, USB media, Toslink. 3.5mm headfi and analog RCA i/o. Then there are 30wpc class A/B gain and the company's own DSP-compensated down-ported neodymium-powered 3" drivers. It all fits into a chassis just 42cm wide, 17cm tall and 22cm deep. Weight is 5.3kg and dress code is Walnut or grey lacquer plus grey cloth. An IR remote is included. You can do better than Bose.

I'll be back! – That's Cees Ruijtenberg, ex and again Metrum Acoustics. "It's no secret that Metrum Acoustics had some trouble over the last year which in February ended in a bankruptcy ruling by the Dutch courts. In 2018 an investment firm had joined the company and implemented a strategy of fast international growth through sales and marketing. In practice this meant an organization that was understaffed and overworked, delivering premium audio products with sub-par customer service. It was great for their short-term profitability but not sustainable in the long term to cause disagreement within the board. Over this period of time too many customers experienced terrible service or none at all. This was very regrettable and did not fit with the premium audio brand Metrum Acoustics had been prior to the sale. As of July 2020, ownership of Metrum Acoustics is back with its original founders. The brand, intellectual property and inventory have been bought back and the company and team are being reinstated. The goal is to have the business up and running again by August."

Clear the path – Chord Company's ClearwayX [£15/m] just went to the day spa for a rejuvenation treatment with XPLE insulation aka cross-linked polythylene for "benefits in phase stability over earlier materials, bringing noticeable sound quality improvements during our testing. ClearwayX's XLPE-insulated conductors are built from multi-strand oxygen-free copper and arranged as twisted pair to reduce interference. The two conductors are protected with a layer of soft PVC to correctly space the shielding in relation to the conductors and minimize mechanically induced noise."

Treasure hunt – That's what the new Audience CAT7 network cable called Hidden Treasure invites. "Audio over Ethernet applications require high data transfer speeds and superior noise rejection. Our cable facilitates 10 gigabit/sec transmission, ensuring reliable uninterrupted streaming with no data loss or dropped connections. The cable features 4 x twisted pairs of 23-gauge solid copper wiring and an outer wire shield for maximum rejection of EMI, RF, system noise and cross talk. The Hidden Treasure Cat7 cable utilizes a superior-quality RJ45 connector for an extremely secure heavy-duty locking connection to ensure maximum signal transfer. The cable features a braided outer jacket that is flexible and extremely durable." The Audience Hidden Treasure Cat7 Ethernet cable starts at $500/0.5m.

Kim – It's FinkTeam's latest and smallest, an 8" 2-way ported stand-mount with paper-based mid/woofer, AMT tweeter and Mundorf 4th-order filter at 2'200Hz plus a passive delay line on the tweeter to restore time alignment. 86dB sensitivity, 35-25Hz/kHz bandwidth, 85×30 x31xm HxWxD and 25kg are the other core specs.

Colors – "Seven musical notes, seven colors of the rainbow, seven new solutions to make Ludos more elegant and even higher performing." That was Giuseppe Gabbarini of Diesis Audio reporting on the latest updates for their entry-level Ludos open-baffle dipole model which also apply to the bigger models and include serious crossover parts upgrades.

BeCOS – When fully loaded, COS Engineering's D10 is a 5-in-1 streamer, phono stage, DAC, headphone amp and analog preamp. In its base configuration, subtract the slide-in phono and streamer modules. Now you have a 24/192 dual-mono Burr Brown PCM 1792A DAC with USB, BNC, AES/EBU, Toslink and I²S, analog relay-switched resistor-ladder volume from -64 to +6dB in 0.5dB steps, RCA/XLR analog inputs, XLR4 and combo XLR3/6.3mm headphone sockets, remote control and a choice of black or silver finish. Add the streamer module and with it 10/100 Base-T WiFi and UPnP/DLNA support, Roon ready, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify and MQA Core. Add phono and with it 3-stage gain up to 60dB and 0-750pF loading in 50pf steps via dip switches on the rear panel. The option modules are user installable.

35 x Avanti – That nets the 35th Anniversary Avanti 35 which was to premiere at the cancelled Munich show. This popular Audio Physic 3-way now gets the hidden woofer geometry of the Codex and Structure models scaled down to an 8.5" bass driver. It also inherits the strategic use of ceramic foam dampers. The new bandwidth claims 31-40Hz/kHz reach at 88dB sensitivity. Avanti 35 is available in the firm's signature glass finishes as well as numerous veneers.

Make a rainbow statement – Manley Lab's Massive Pride is their Massive Passive stereo tube equalizer donning a new look to celebrate LGBT Pride Month 2020. "In the spirit of social inclusion and recognition of our desire for the supportive embrace of all people, we invite everyone to help celebrate Gay Pride Month 2020 with us. May unification, peace and calm be eventually restored to our planet with love, appreciation and understanding for all of our fellow humans." This is the current version of the unit featuring the new Manley Power® switch-mode power supply. Pricing is the same as the standard Massive Passive.

Alyssa – Alta Audio bow their $5'000/pr Alyssa rear-ported 2-way monitor with 2.5" ribbon tweeter and 6" mid/woofer in beech or rosewood veneer. Basic specs are claimed 32-47Hz/kHz bandwidth, 87.5dB sensitivity, 4Ω nominal impedance, weight of 28lbs and dimensions of 9.6 x 14.25 x 15" WxDxH.

Roll yer own Voxativ – With the new neodymium-powered AC-1a 8" widebander, you now can. A pair of matched $1'799/pr drivers comes with a digital download file for DIY cabinet plans called Acousta. These are based on proven early prototypes which led to the company's eventual formation.

PF-500 – This power filter from Taga Harmony sports 2 x direct and 3 x filtered outlets for a max load of 2'500W/10A with surge protection up to 1'000A max current and 3'000V of maximum spike. There's a power-line phase detector and IEC to use your power cord of choice. Dimensions are 8.5 x 14 c 35cm and weight is 2.5kg.

BRXBookshelf Reference X spelled out, it becomes GoldenEar's flagship monitor speaker. Into all of 12x8x12.25" HxWxD under piano-gloss lacquer, it crams the Triton Reference air-motion transformer tweeter and 6" mid/woofer with cast basket plus two 6.5" passive radiators for 40-35Hz/kHz bandwidth at 90dB sensitivity. That's a lot of engine for a very compact speaker. A review from is imminent and too are working on a Golden Ear monitor.

ATC exclusive act – The SCM150ASLT is a 3-way active loudspeaker system built to order in very limited quantities. The driver complement is a 25mm soft-dome tweeter, ATC's signature super-dome 75mm midrange and an SB75-375SL woofer driven by six channels of external class AB amplifier with electronic crossover housed in an elliptical billet-aluminium chassis. That dispatches 200w to each woofer, 100w to each midrange and 50w to each tweeter. Each speaker weighs 116kg, stands 1.4m tall and is finished in crown-cut walnut veneer under high-gloss polyester lacquer.