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MHES returns – That would be Moscow's annual fall hifi show scheduled for November 8th-10th in the same Holiday Inn Tagansky hotel as before. "The show focuses on high-end audio equipment including portable audio and vinyl. The novelty this year is circular listening to audio systems by Russian manufacturers in the Donskoy Hall."

Neo does 8 – That would be Cube Audio's new 8" driver with massive Neodymium motor for 2.1 Tesla in a 12mm gap. The TS parameters include a self resonance at 39Hz and 10Ω impedance, Xmax of ±3mm and sensitivity of 91dB. Two new speaker models called Nenuphar Mini and Nenuphar Mini Monitor exploit this driver and, respectively, are meant for 20m² and 30m² rooms.

Go Platinum – That's Taga Harmony's new Platinum F-90 SL v.2 described as "technology and sound derived from our higher Platinum v.3 series embedded in a slimmer enclosure. It shares only a few components with the previous edition like the bass reflex port, tweeter plate and speaker terminals. All other components are new or significantly upgraded." The enclosure has thicker internal braces and a new transverse brace, a 3mm thicker front baffle and increased cubic volume by growing 5.5cm in depth. The 2nd-gen 25mm titanium tweeter is reshaped and lighter for broader off-axis response and lower distortion. The 5.25" aluminium midrange, matching woofer and passive radiators too are next-gen develpments with a new reverse-profile surround. The overall design is a 4-driver 3-way with 620Hz and 3.7kHz filter hinges, 31Hz-40kHz bandwidth and 4Ω nominal impedance which measures 101x17x31cm HxWxD and weighs 16kg. Available finishes are gloss white paint or vinyl veneers in black, wenge, oak or walnut. Internal wiring is by XLO.

Upstaging César – Franck Tchang's new omnipolar flagship from Paris is called the Philharmonic [€58'000/pr]. It combines his two custom 5" widebanders with Indian rosewood bullet phase plugs with a now 15" downfiring woofer and upfiring 1" true not plated diamond super tweeter. The lot slots into a 95kg enclosure with aluminium base plate and maple, cherry or walnut high-gloss veneer. Claimed bandwidth is 20Hz-75kHz. Dimensions remain a manageable 145x68x55cm. Also new is the add-on diamond/magnesium super tweeter with selectable 15/18kHz hi-pass and extension to 45kHz [€2'800/pr]. That slots between the existing magnesium alloy and pure diamond versions.



Serene Cerene – The new collapsible sealed circumaural Cerene dB headphone from CEntrance [$179] has 180° rotation to fold up, a synthetic leather headband, a 1.5m cable with 3.5mm plug and 364g of weight. Claimed response is 10Hz – 26kHz from 45mm neodymium-powered dynamic drivers of 96dB sensitivity.


Coaxially yours – Wireworld Cable Technology announce four new 75Ω coaxial cables for digital applications. These use the company's DNA Helix conductor geometry and ultra-quiet Composilex 3 insulation. These cables cover a wide range of prices that vary according to the gauge and quality of their conductor materials and plugs. The $30 Chroma 8 has 25-gauge oxygen-free copper conductors. The $45 Ultraviolet 8 is the same design upgraded to silver-plated OFC conductors. The $250 Silver Starlight 8 features patented Silver-Tube™ plugs and 24-gauge Ohno continuous cast silver-clad copper conductors. The $500 Gold Starlight 8 also utilizes the patented Silver-Tube plugs with 24-gauge conductors made of solid silver. The cables are available in both standard and custom lengths with any combination of RCA and BNC plugs. "Wireworld's controlled listening tests led to the discovery that the audible masking and coloration caused by digital audio cables is mostly the result of a high inductive Q factor, eddy current resistance and internally generated triboelectric noise. Replacing the conventional coaxial conductor geometry with their patented DNA Helix structure reduced the inductive Q, while effectively eliminating non-linear eddy current losses. The cables also utilize Wireworld's proprietary Composilex 3 insulation to minimize triboelectric noise. These innovations substantially improve the preservation of musical detail, dynamics and dimensionality."


Coming up for Ayre – Colorado-based Ayre Acoustics’ QB-9 DAC launched in 2009, became 24/192 capable in 2011 and added DSD in 2014. The latest 'Twenty' update "draws from the new 8 series of products. Features and improvements include a new diamond output circuit; a new Jfet differential stage for lower noise; AyreLock power supply regulation; a new AC noise filter; custom Ayre async USB; a new ESS DAC chip; a 6-layer circuit board; proprietary reclocking to eliminate USB jitter; 384kHz compatibility and DSD256 plus HDCD decoding." These upgrades are priced at £1'590 incl. VAT.


Burn yer amp – The 12th annual Burning Amp Festival returns to the Firehouse and Building C of the historic Fort Mason Center on the San Francisco waterfront Saturday, November 9th (workshop day) and Sunday, November 10th (main event). The Saturday workshop (pre-registration required) will include an amplifier build and a measurement workshop. In the former, participants will assemble a preamp/headphone amp, an all-new design from long-term patron Nelson Pass. The measurement workshop led by Bob Cordell and Demian Martin will explore measurements of both amplifiers and loudspeakers. The Sunday main event offers amateur DIY audio projects on display and for audition. Burning Amp keynote speakers are always standing-room only, subject to Fire Dept. regulations. This year’s speakers are Sean Casey, founder of Zu Audio and Nelson Pass, audio industry legend and DIY icon. Sunday morning’s Shorter Takes session has three amplifier designers presenting and is also the day Burning Amp participants display and audition their DIY projects. Hours are Saturday by pre-registration only; Sunday 9:00 – 20:00. A catered Indian buffet lunch will be available on Sunday. Coffee and snacks will be provided both days. Admission is $30 and $20 for those bringing their own DIY audio projects.

Rising sun show – Japan's annual Tokyo International Audio Show or TIAS for short is scheduled for November 22nd – 24th, with the hours of 10:00-19:00 for Fri/Sat and 10:00-17:00 for Sunday. Entry is free and the location is the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho.

Aarka – Just about to drop from Rethm is the Aarka, an active monitor in an octagonal cabinet with front-firing widebander in a 1.3m rear-horn alignment. That's coupled to two rear-firing sealed woofers driven by a built-in 75wpc class A/B amp. The defeatable amp to the widebander is a 10-watt class A Mosfet affair with 6922 driver. Sensitivity is 94dB, bandwidth 35Hz – 20kHz.

Point source – Endow's FS301 uses an external passive signal processor to discretely steer various drivers in its hemispherical head array plus the built-in subwoofer. Behind the upper cluster sits an 8" driver which loads it, an approach deemed superior to classic sealed and vented boxes. The head array plays down to 100Hz, there is no filter between 200Hz and 5'000Hz and the embedded technology is patent-pending. Visit their website to learn more.

Olympica Nova – Sonus faber announce the launch of their new speaker collection. Of the seven models in the collection, three are all-new to the Olympica Nova line, including an on-wall model, a third and more powerful floorstander and a larger center channel. The walls of the new collection are made with eight layers of bent wood with structural rib reinforcements. The original Olympica leather wrapped top gives way to a walnut or wenge  panel set in a solid die-cast aluminum plate. The outer part of the low-turbulence porting system is fabricated from a solid piece of extruded aluminum and is inherited from Sonus Faber’s Homage Tradition models. Completely redesigned for the line relaunch, the supports of bottom plates and stands are crafted from solid aluminum billet and paired with steel spikes. Genuine leather is applied to the inset and around the woofers. An asymmetrical cabinet cross section without flat or parallel walls improves enclosure performance. The 28mm silk-dome tweeter of the range features the company's damped-apex dome technology with neodymium cap motor. The arch and ring system are of solid die-cast aluminium. The midrange and mid/woofer are derived from the Homage Tradition collection with evolutionary improvements. The Olympica Nova collection is available in matte wenge or walnut veneers.

US/Japanese collabConcert Fidelity of Karuizawa/Japan and Stereolab LLC have come to an agreement whereby Stereolab became the global sales and marketing arm for Concert Fidelity's expertly hand-crafted line of tube electronics. This arrangement has grown out of a long-term friendship and mutual admiration between Mr. Masataka Tsuda of Concert Fidelity and Chris Sommovigo of Stereolab (Black Cat Cable). "Tsuda-san's designs and more importantly the perfectionist execution of his designs, have always impressed me quite deeply," shared Mr. Sommovigo. "Over many years I have come to respect and admire him and can attest to the truly special nature of his creations. To own something made by Tsuda-san's hands is a privilege, in my opinion. I'm truly honored to be working with him." So now Stereolab LLC is the global point of contact for all sales inquiries from international distributors and dealers who may be interested in the Concert Fidelity line.

Métronome AQWO stable complete – "After two years of R&D, Métronome finalize their AQWO range with two new products: a SACD/CD transport and a D/A converter, respectively named t|AQWO and c|AQWO. A sleek design combined with the unmistakable Métronome style makes t|AQWO and c|AQWO stand out with elegance, visual purity and robustness. The outstanding analog Métronome sound is based on the combination of exceptional components and the quality of the Elektra external power supplies."

Like a phoenix from the ashes – The Innuos PhoenixUSB [€2'499] offers in one unit the equivalent of three separate components: a USB regenerator, a linear power supply and an external master clock with its own linear power supply all trickled down from their Statement model. "The USB chip regenerating the signal contains no switching regulators. All three independent voltages to the chip originate from an independent linear power supply with further regulation provided by three sets of LT3045 regulators. A 3ppb OCXO clock runs directly at 24MHz and connects via a board track just a couple of inches away from the USB chip. No precision is lost within cables and connectors as is the case when using an external master 10MHz clock with an additional 24MHz clock generator. Two independent Statement-level linear power supplies are dedicated to the OCXO clock and for powering the USB chip/5V USB line respectively."

Kuzma land in the UK – Definitive Audio explain: "We are absolutely delighted to be representing Kuzma in the UK. Most analogue enthusiasts will be familiar with at least some of the Kuzma portfolio, being as it is stacked with gems we have admired for years and which have won awards from critics the world over, year after year. Speaking personally, one of my all-time favourite turntable + tone arm combinations is the Stabi S / Stogi S which is the baby of the Kuzma range. It sets a giant performance benchmark that is more convincing to me than all but a small handful of ultra hi-end record players that I have encountered over the past 30 years. As we move up their design hierarchy, things just continue to impress not just in terms musical believability but in engineering conception and precision execution. The 4-point tone arms are standout examples of this; true precision instruments that address the complex problems of cartridge optimization with a clarity of understanding that frankly puts most to shame. In the true sense of the term, these are fully resolved designs and results of 30 years of continuous passion-led development. As the witty Sir Thomas Beecham, co-founder of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, once noted ‘’The English may not like music but they absolutely love the noise it makes’". This pithy little aphorism rings true for the vast majority of high-end audio components which make some enjoyable sounds but only very rarely put them together in a way that resembles music. Another of his highly pertinent and amusing quotes that continues in this vein is: "A musicologist is a man who can read music but cannot hear it". Not so Kuzma which is defined by, and infused with, a musical sensibility that transcends sound. We warmly welcome inquiries from fellow specialist retailers who would like to explore this wonderful portfolio of products."

New Raidho – The new TD2.2 "follows the rest of the new TD series with our new dynamic driver with under-hung 1.1 Tesla motor and 5-layer tantalum-diamond cone with edge-wound titanium voice coil. The TD2.2 is a 2.5-way system with our new quasi-ribbon tweeter. By optimizing the acoustic shape of its rear chamber, we lowered distortion by 35dB and increased sensitivity by 3dB to match our mid/range driver for higher system efficiency. Internal wiring from Nordost is based on their Norse line whose technology derives from Nordost Valhalla2 cables."

Direct postscript – PS Audio transition to purely direct sales for their domestic market without changes to their international distribution. "Buying factory direct has these benefits:
• Sales always come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are no hidden fees or restocking charges.
• We now offer same-day shipping for our US customers so no need to wait.
• We buy back any brand of our customers' audio gear at up to its full and original retail price.
• Two-way shipping within the US is always free. If the unit is returned, we pay for that shipping as well.
• Expert advice is always available from our hifi specialists as well as the engineers and designers of the products themselves.
• In the unlikely event a problem arises with a product under warranty, we will pay for shipping to the factory, fix the problem and return the unit within 48 hours of receiving the product. We will pay return shipping as well."

Fyne fynd – The F502SP Special Production model combines features of the F500 and F700 ranges to elevate the standard F502. The SP "uses a 200mm IsoFlare™ driver and 200mm bass/mid driver derived from the F702. This unit features a rigid multi-fibre cone with FyneFlute™ roll surround and the F702's 25mm magnesium compression tweeter with wave guide. Further improving the standard F502's BassTrax™ port system, the F502SP benefits from the full aluminium-sandwich-plinth Tractrix bass diffuser developed for the premium F1 series. Re-engineered to tune the F502SP cabinet, the plinth provides solidity and easy leveling while allowing the BassTrax diffuser to create a true 360° LF wave front for easy integration in any room. Merging the F702 technology into the F502 cabinet also demanded a new crossover. Many of the parts choices from the F700 series have been used in tuning the speaker whilst forgoing the costly deep cryogenic treatment and some ultra high-end parts. The SP is available in high gloss black and white as standard [£3'500/pr] or in a new deep-gloss lacquered walnut veneer [£4'000/pr] previously seen on the premium F700 series. All F502SP finishes feature a diamond cut finish on an exposed aluminium driver chassis."

BDA-3.14 – Bryston introduce their new multi-function DAC with added features. The 3.14 [$4'195] offers streaming "via a built-in music player that delivers access to network-connected storage and USB drives as well as streaming services such as Qobuz, Tidal, Roon and Internet radio. Digital connectivity between internal music player and DAC is via I²S. Digital volume enables users to drive an amplifier directly. An updated version of Bryston’s Manic Moose user interface for phones, tablets and computers provides intuitive control over all functionality. The DAC can decode up to 384kHz/32-bit PCM and up to DSD x 4 natively. Bryston’s proprietary analog section is completely free of integrated circuits. For maximum flexibility, the BDA-3 has ten discrete inputs including four 2-channel HDMI, asynchronous USB, AES/EBU, Toslink and digital coax. It also includes Bryston’s network module, which facilitates control via TCP/IP and RS-232."

Silver network cable – Artisan Silver Cables release their Ultimate Silver Network cable featuring "8 x 26-gauge individually insulated pure silver conductors arranged in a braided configuration plus shielding. The RJ45 plugs are high-end Telegärtner. The cable comes in lengths from 0.5m to 4.5 metres."  

Aussie Conductor the Third – Burson's latest "took over three years to design" and is a 7.5wpc class A DAC, headphone amp and preamp in one chassis [$1'800 US, introductory price $1'399 incl. shipping). Digital-to-analog conversion is via dual ESS9038 chips preceded by an XMOS USB transceiver with German Thesycon driver. File acceptance is up to 32/786 PCM and DSD 512. Bluetooth is version 5.0. The power supply with 170kHz switching frequency shows up 5 times to independently feed the display, housekeeping chores, DAC and left/right analog outputs. There's an OLED display and metal remote control. Four V6 discrete Burson op-amps in the output stage can be rolled for other Burson versions to change sonic flavor to taste. The display layout can be adjusted from horizontal to vertical as shown. "The C3 Reference drives any headphone under the sun."


Gryphon essentials – With their new Essence preamplifier/amplifier set, Gryphon extend class A bias all the way to the loudspeakers. The Essence fully balanced dual-mono line stage with 0.1Hz–1MHz bandwidth -3dB offers 2:3 XLR/RCA inputs, an RCA tape out and XLR main plus RCA subwoofer outputs. There's Gryphon's usual plethora of menu-driven user settings including green bias and AV throughput. Green bias allows the matching Gryphon amp/s to be set to 50, 75 or 100% class A bias. One may optionally install an MM/MC or 32/384 DAC module. Volume control is by 43-step fully balanced relay-switched resistor array. The Essence amplifier with 20A IEC offers 0.5Hz-350kHz -3dB bandwidth with 50/100/190 watts into 8/4/2Ω in stereo or mono modes. A massive 1'350VA toroidal power transformer becomes power station central either way. There is no global feedback and DC coupling relies on a DC servo to correct offset. Pricing ex VAT is €12'800 for the Essence preamplifier and €16'800 for the Essence stereo amplifier.


Interstellar phonons – $2'495 gets you PS Audio's new all-discrete Stellar range phono stage with a Fet-based DC-coupled class A circuit. There's passive RIAA equalization and remote-controlled variable loading. Up to 70dB of low-noise voltage gain supports even 0.15mV low-output MC cartridges. Up to 20Vrms out promises unlimited headroom and dynamics. Two tone arms can be accommodated simultaneously.

Acelec – For those wondering what Dutch designer Cees Rujitenberg has been up to since his former company Metrum Acoustics was acquired last year, Acelec is the answer. Under this brand, Cees is designing a range of pro/consumer speakers beginning with the passive Model One [€5'400/pr] and forthcoming active Model Two. Key features for both are 15mm thick bitumen-lined aluminium cabinets bonded with rubberized glue to eliminate ringing which are then fitted with a Mundorf AMT tweeter and 15cm mid/woofer in a rear-ported alignment. A review of the Model One is already planned.