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Switched on and up – You can be with Melco's new S100/2 network switch [£2'099]. "When conceptualizing the gen2 version, Melco's engineers identified increasing demands placed on networks and data switches in the home where in addition to audio devices, extra bandwidth loads come from TVs, set-top boxes and games consoles. So the new S100/2 benefits from an upgrade to 6x1GB Ethernet ports coupled with 2x100MB ports for audio. The configuration retains the speed-mix advantages of the original S100 but adds greater speeds to bandwidth-hungry devices. Internally it gains an improved power circuit board with a carefully selected AC adapter. The S100/2 also retains the small-form-factor pluggable connections of the original model which allow upgrades to optical fiber connections. Finally an LED indicator on/off button allows users to switch off the flashing effect as data transfers."

New R2R DAC – The Orpheus from RT Audio is built around the AD1865 chip allied to a capacitor-free silver-wired signal path with output transformers but no digital filter or inputs other than USB. The USB transceiver is a JL Sounds implementation of XMOS for full 32/384 compliance. The power supply is external, analog outputs are RCA only.

USB books an audience… with the Audience USB Studio Two cable [$499/1m]. "It utilizes a blend of silver/copper conductors with cryogenic and extreme high-voltage treatments to optimize the metallurgical structure of the materials. In addition there's a unique noise reduction circuit. The cable is shielded to block EMI and RFI and features high-quality gold-plated connectors. Like all Audience designs, the Studio Two USB is a lightweight flexible design easy to install."

Break ground… with Computer Audio Design's new "ground-breaking" 1.2m USB Cable II-R [$1'500] and USB filter [$750]. "The new cable replaces the prior USB II. Designed for use with any server, computer, USB reclocker or DAC/streamer, it builds upon the same patented filter design to reduce high-frequency noise on USB's differential signal, signal ground and 5V connections. However, the USB II-R cable itself uses new conductors, materials and construction techniques for even better performance. The USB Filter plugs directly into a DAC/Streamer and can be used to add the same benefits to any USB cable."

Event alert  – December 10th. 10am-5pm. 59 Blanford Street, London W1U 7HP. Robert Taussig & Sonata Hifi will introduce Clarisys Audio speakers from Switzerland to the UK, showing with Goldmund electronics and Ikigai Audio cables. What are Clarisys Audio speakers you ask? 21st century Apogee ribbons. Show up. Drink some bubbly. Enjoy good tunes. Bring Platinum card.

AD612. It's not an ad but a coaxial high-eff speaker from Heretic Loudspeakers' Robert Gaboury in Montreal. Whilst using the same 12" 97dB drive unit with 1" compression tweeter as the smaller AD614, a larger 198-liter Birch Ply cab adds in-room reach to a claim "low 30s". The $9'290 old-timey box comes in 24 different linseed/beeswax colors. The filter frequency is 1'700Hz, the slope a 2nd-order series Linkwitz-Riley. Broad-shouldered yet stumpy dimensions are 65cm wide x 77cm high x 45cm deep.

Stellar optical HDMI – It's Wireworld's Stellar 48 cable for lossless lengthy connections at 48GBps speed to support 8K video. "Stellar 48 utilizes world-class fiber-optic technology, materials and construction techniques. The newly developed proprietary Vividtech system reduces video pixel noise for surprising improvements in edge definition and color saturation. Stellar 48's laser modules are made by American company II-VI, a leading supplier of lasers for the most demanding applications. The driver chipset is produced by German company Silicon-Line, a leader in microchip technology. The cable's four optical fibers are of superior OM3 laser-optimized grade. The cable structure features double-thickness shields and several high-strength Kevlar fiber bundles for increased durability and freedom from interference. Stellar 48 supports all HDMI2.1 features and capabilities including HDR10+, HDCP2.3, Ethernet, Enhanced ARC and Deep Color." Stellar 48 HDMI sells at $330/1m, $360/2m, $400/3m, $500/5m, $550/10m, $600/15m, $650/20m, $750/30m. Could this also be a solution for high-rate I²S over HDMI that must bridge long distances?

Terra advantage – In Audio Physic lingo, it's the new Avantera [€21K/pr], an upgraded 4-way speaker with internal double-surround 28cm woofer. This model now benefits from the company's spider-less PowerTrain™ driver tech for its mid band. The enclosure is a multi-lam affair with additional honeycomb panels and ceramic foam elements. With the optional elastomerically decoupled glass-panel finish, each speaker weighs 45kg. Bandwidth is 28Hz-40kHz, efficiency 89dB. Finish choices include tempered/colored glass or real-wood veneers.

Aavikacious – Denmark's Aavik expand their electronics range with new flagship 880 models of €67K/ea. I-880 integrated, C-880 preamp and P-880 power amp. "The primary development goal was to create a powerful pure Class A amplifier with lowest possible output impedance. Class A amps typically apply high constant current to their output devices. This not only associates with high power consumption but adversely affects sound quality because traditional linear power supplies with their big transformers' many windings create undue induction for transient delay; and stray capacitances to pass high-frequency noise from the mains." Aavik's platform maintains its bias 0.63V above the required current for up to 200wpc of Class A operation without consuming unnecessary power by exploiting 4 x 500-watt highly efficient switching power supplies. The 880 range is a creative collaboration between Michael Børresen and Flemming Rasmussen.

Kiss the rainbow with Kii – New factory, new colors, lower prices. In addition to their ten existing finishes, Kii Audio just added Rossa Corsa, Iced Titanium Metallic, Iced Sapphire Metallic and Iced Green Metallic all against the established black-anodized driver trim. A new facility in Germany's Hamminkeln managed to lower production costs which the company roll over to the end user. The Kii 3 monitor with Control in white or grey now gets €15'775, the floorstanding BXT version €29'775. Add €2'000 for premium lacquers on the monitor, twice that for the floorstander. Multiple digital inputs, remote control, advanced DSP facilities, full amplification and cardioid dispersion for highly directional not omni bass are all part of the recipe. Add streamer. Done.

McD – It's a good doctor of another sort, McIntosh's new class D stereo amp called MI502 [€6'490]. As the nomenclature presaged, power is 500wpc into 8Ω. 4Ω promises 800 watts. The 10kg machine is fan-less and offers XLR/RCA inputs plus i/o trigger ports.

Yammy Yamaha – It's the pending YH-5000 in standard and SE versions, an open-backed flagship headphone which updates the company's 1976 planarmagnetic driver and suspends it in a lightweight magnesium frame with a choice of smooth leather or ultrasuede earcups. Standard accessories are a 3.5mm and 4.4mm silver-coated copper cable. The SE version [$5'000] will add more accessories. Basic specs are 5Hz – 70kHz bandwidth, 98dB/mW sensitivity, 34Ω impedance and 320g weight.

Clock your sox off – You now can with LHY's new OCK-2 [$749], a 6-output 10MHz masterclock generator whose mix of sine/square-wave ports adds internal configuration of each to 50/75Ω. Like the matching network switch, the chassis is a milled-from-solid aluminium affair to segregate the primary power supply, voltage regulation stage and clock/output stage. The internal temperature-controlled crystal oscillator is said to stabilize thermally within 30 minutes.

Go heavy but wireless – Audio-Technica's €3'000 ATH-WB2022 with 45mm dynamic drivers in sealed wood cups are the company's first headphone to go Bluetooth. The codecs LDAC, AAC and SBC support 24/96 data transfer and channel-specific batteries promise 9 hours of use on a full charge. Dual ES9038Q2M handle conversion, Muses 05 opamps gain, a 10mm condenser microphone phone calls. An app adds access to low-latency mode and EQ whose settings store in memory. The 2022 delivers in a flight case with 1.5m USB C-to-A and USB C-to-C cables.

SME Teutonikus – The British vinyl institution now has a single import center for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. S.M.E Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH is helmed by Jens Lange, previously importer for Ortofon, Luxman and Accuphase. This reveal is accompanied by the new Model 60 reference deck whose plinth contains vertical and horizontal isolation, a hydraulically damped bearing and decoupled height-adjustable footers with multi-stage isolation. This table rolls with a new version of the Series V tonearm. The current portfolio of SME Germany includes seven turntables from €7'250 to €72'000, M2 series tone arms plus the legendary Garrard rim-drive table and ultra-quiet Loricraft record cleaners.

Peach with power – It's Carina [$1'999 intro pricing], Peachtree Audio's new flagship integrated with 300/580wpc into 8/4Ω compliments of nCore. That shakes hands with dual ESS 9068 chips for full data compliance including MQA; and a 4.4/6.3mm headfi amp that does ¾th of a watt balanced into 30Ω. Digital supports twin coax, optical, I²S over HDMI and USB. There's also a 5V USB charging port, an RCA-based pre-out and a Bluetooth antenna for Internet radio. Radiation allergics will be pleased to know that Bluetooth is only active when its input is selected. Finish options are the company's classic gloss black or Walnut. New is the sizable Oled display. The firm believe that only their GaNFet separates out-edge their latest one-box wonder which is said to trump all of their prior integrateds, period. Power peach then.

20th tributary – It's Gary Koh's 20th Anniversary Genesis Tribute speaker paying homage to Arnie Nudell's Infinity Servo-Statik 1 of 1970 by using all its technologies thoroughly updated for 2022.

Ares the 12th – Following hot on the heels of the 12th Anniversary Denafrips editions of their two flagship DACs now comes their entry-level model in overhauled guise. One of the novelties is an I²S over HDMI input reflected on the redesigned front panel; and a direct NOS/OS button. There are also performance tuning changes inside by way of a new capacitor bank and linear voltage regulator. The Ares 2 has been rebranded as Enyo to avoid confusion with the Ares 12th. As to HDMI cables for I²S transmission, our German colleagues at fairaudio just published a review on three mid-priced AudioQuest cables explored for said purpose. Google Translator has you covered if you don't read German.

8 x 8 = 64 – It's also 64 Audio. Point blank they just dropped a 'new interpretation' of their popular Fourté IEM. This new limited edition of just 500 is called Fourté Blanc which on your invoice adds up to €4'399. Once they all sell, that becomes a whopping €2'199'500. Each housing packs four drivers: one dynamic woofer, one balanced armature for the upper mids and two special BA for the mids and highs which do away with compression chambers. The housings for this Blanc edition finish in obviously white ceramic and basic specs are 10Ω impedance and bandwidth of 5Hz-20kHz.

Irish mains power – If you use the new Titan Audio Ares mains block [£400], you're promised proper passive power delivery. This is the 4th model in the company's portfolio which now slots in right beneath the range topper. Specify US, UK or EU plugs. You get six either way.

Make the ConneXion – You can with Elac's new ConneX DCB41 actives [€529/pr] which come in orange, blue, black Ash or Walnut. Configured as classic master/slave pair via speaker cable connection, connectivity includes line-level analog switchable to phono and digital via HDMI ARC, USB and Toslink. aptX Bluetooth handles wireless and there's even a mono subwoofer output. The two-way speaker ports out the rear via a folded vent and its tweeter dispersion is controlled with a waveguide.

Put a Nagra cart in your cart – For the first time ever, now you can with the Reference MC in 4/6Ω variants designed in parallel with Nagra's 70th Anniversary Reference turntable/tonearm system. "While traditional moving-coil transducers utilize a single-layer coil, the Reference MC employs a multi-layer transducer featuring a double-layer coil with hyper-pure silver wiring. The 6Ω Reference outputs 0.45mV @ 5cm/S, the 4Ω Reference 0.30mV @ 5cm/S. A stiff ruby cantilever mates to a high-strength titanium structure featuring a diamond-like carbon coating. The stylus tip is a Swiss-made Fritz Gyger S profile. The connector pins are continuous single pieces to lower inductance. The cartridge body includes a non-ferrous alloy called Exium® AM. Born from aerospace materials research, it is the result of a collaboration between the French equivalent of NASA, the Ecole de Mines de Paris and the French firm LBI Foundries. It was developed to address the need for an alloy with very high damping properties for a particular Mars mission whose purpose was to measure minute seismic activities on the red planet. The Reference cartridge utilizes an Exium inlay at the critical interface between cartridge generator and cartridge body. A proprietary super-magnesium alloy makes up the balance of the cartridge body."

In the frame – As previewed at the Warsaw show, Fram's new Arte speakers styled like classic movie reflectors will come in passive and active versions and run SB Acoustics Satori or coaxial drivers. In parallel news, Ancient Audio's new top-loading CD transport called Lektor based on Stream Unlimited's CD-Pro8 also just saw the light of day.

Make it rain – In German Regen means rain. In Soundaware lingo, it's short for regenerate, in this instance USB. The PA1-REF [$2'749] is the big version which buffers data incoming via its USB3.0 port, then regenerates it in high-speed RAM with a low phase-noise oscillator powered by super capacitors. Two smaller units with simpler power supplies are the PA1-NU [$749] to regenerate USB and Ethernet; and the PA-1 USB [$549] for just USB. Vinshine Audio have a video exploring these devices.

Cayenne for your cans – Consider Cayin's new HA-3A [€2'298], a valve headphone amplifier with XLR/RCA inputs, 4.4mm, XLR4 and 6.3mm outputs, 3-stage impedance matching, vintage VU meters, silver or anthracite finishing and twin ECC82 driving a pair of 6V6 beam-power tetrodes with a 22DE4 as rectifier.