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Convertible headphones – Spain's DHS-1 from Palma Audio are that [€2'195]. These dynamic circumaural designs with a 50mm dynamic driver of 26mm voice coil use Sapele wood cups with a golden-ratio perf pattern in the back. A matching aluminium cover rotates by 14° to either leave the holes exposed or hermetically sealed, allowing the user to change the loading between open-backed and sealed modes with a simple turn of the plate. Sensitivity is a high 107dB/1mW in open mode, 109dB in sealed. Impedance is 32Ω. Weight is 490g. Included accessories are cables with 3.5mm and 6.3mm terminations; and a hard carrying case. Purely on paper, this is a very clever idea. The obvious challenge is how to optimize both modes with the very same chamber. Palma's designers seem convinced that after three years of R&D, they've nailed it. They even secured a patent for it. Intrigued? I sure am.

IEM you can drink?Zeitgeist's press release goes giddy about using Islay Malt whisky barrels to craft their IEM bodies from in one range; and Karelian curly maple for another by referring to a Fabergé egg that was once made from that Nordic wood. Meanwhile the same press release goes rather light on audio-related specs. Fashion over substance? Follow the link to see whether their website has more.

Evolve your USB card – JCAT's new XE Evo [€1'200] upgrades the XE predecessor with an SMA connector for the same catalogue's OXCO clock; new regulators that halve the noise to 0.46µV RMS; a new EMI filter built into the USB port; and new firmware to defeat power-management features for improved performance.


ABsolute Mono – It's Audio Analogue's 100-watt pure class A single-channel amplifier [50w into 4Ω, 25w into 2Ω] whose bridged output stage combines twelve pairs of 200-watt transistors without global feedback. Input sensitivity is 1.4Vrms, A-weighted output noise 80µV. Each mono weighs 72kg and measures 52x50x33cm WxDxH.

ENxMH = ? – What alien math is this? A collaboration between Enleum and Mod House is what. The latter's Tungsten DS planarmagnetic and Enleum's HPA-23RMH portable headphone amp become a branded combo. In this edition, the headphone uses blue paint for its 3D-printed cups, yokes and rod blocks with grey bolts and the Enleum logo. The grills are produced in Enleum's metal shop. The amp's matching 'H' version packs a new power supply for 35% higher power on its current output port. This combo retails for $5'500 with free shipping from the linked webshop.

Power wars – Goldmund's new Telos 4800 monaural amplifier comes in just above the kilowatt ceiling with 1'050W into 8Ω accompanied by a S/NR of 117dB or a noise floor of less than 3µV whilst claiming stability into very low impedances and distortion of just 0.005%. Unusually there are analogue and digital inputs and the circuit's voltage gain is adjustable in 3dB steps to adapt to various system configurations. The press release did not include pricing information. Perhaps Goldmund clients don't care about that spec? Those who do can find it on this PDF: CHF 220'000. Each. For a pair that's more than the base price of a 2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre.

Lange = long – Lange Loudspeakers from Switzerland are a long 30 years in biz already. Though specialized in active monitors, their new Atto comes in both active and passive versions [€9'400/pr active]. The cabinet building block is 15mm aluminium either way, the type a rear-ported 2-way with proprietary drivers claimed to deliver 54Hz – 28kHz bandwidth with 87dB sensitivity. The tweeter is a waveguide-loaded compression driver executed with magnesium dome and 15'000 Gauss motor. The mid/woofer uses N52 neodymium magnets and a one-piece aluminium diaphragm with nitrile surround. Weight is 11.6kg.

Epic digital – Chord Company have it with their new range of Epic Digital Tuned Aray cables in coax, AES/EBU and BNC terminations [£560/1m]. Think mechanical tuning, twin 75Ω silver-plated copper conductors in Teflon dielectric and custom plugs with multi-metal plating. There's also a high-density silver-plated braid/foil shield for effective protection from HF interference.

RELevance – The new Classic 99 [£1.8K] has it for bass. It's a 12-inch down-firing subwoofer with 450 watts of power and pure analog filtering. There's also an optional wireless 5.8GHz interface called HT-Air MkII.

LANded! – iFi's new Silent Power LAN iPurifier Pro has [€299]. In one small box with one each RJ45 i/o it combines two media converters to go from copper cable input to optical and back to copper cable ouptut. This inserts complete galvanic isolation from our network router then adds jitter elimination and active signal regeneration before our streaming signal over the local area network sees downstream kit. The 5V/0.5A power input on USB-C enables upgrades to the company's iPower2 or iPowerX supplies. Included standard are a 0.5m network cable, 1.2m USB A-to-C cable and basic 5V power adapter.

A game Flame changer? – Kinki Studio just launched new brand Exact Express as home for their existing Earth and novel Flame cables plus forthcoming accessories like a DC filter and audiophile fuses. Check out their website. There's a web shop for Singapore-direct sales in US currency where list pricing includes shipping to most countries and a 6-month warranty. Cable models include power, RCA/XLR, speaker, jumpers and USB. Various lengths are standard and the company will also fabricate custom lengths on request.

Phaenon – Joining Boenicke, sound|kaos and Wellfloat in the string/wire-suspension isolation game are the UK's Audite now also for loudspeakers. Their forthcoming 3-deep Phaenon range already has £1.5K/pr/40kg and £2.5K/pr/60kg specs for price and load bearing of the first two platforms, with the third and biggest TBA. Just so, none of these flotation plinths will raise up the supported speakers by more than 75mm to not throw off the tweeter alignment too badly.

The woody note – It's the latest two-deep range from Lindemann Audio blending "retro charm with cutting-edge tech". The Woodnote Combo mirrors the all-in-one feature set of the music:book Combo in more affordable guise so minus speakers is a complete system in a box. The Woodnote Solo is a network streamer with Toslink/coax i/o, LAN, storage USB and HDMI eARC plus RCA and /XLR analog outputs plus a 6.3mm headfi socket.

Give us our daily bran… and lead us into temptation with CanEver's Malibran, a 250wpc stereo amp from the Venetian lagoon which combines a pair of push/pull power Mosfets with a 100kHz output transformer and "DSD-like modulation to minimize EMI". The amp weighs 25kg, measures 44x34x24cm and has XLR and RCA inputs plus biwire output terminals. 4Ω power is 500wpc.

Colibri – This isn't the bird from Avantgarde Acoustics but a Kaiser Acoustics and their latest two-way mini with dual opposing passive radiators exploiting Purifi drivers and an oval ScanSpeak soft dome. Pricing is set at €12K/pr. We should learn more once their website updates.

Twice hypsofied – You can be with Ferrum's Hypsos Dual [$1'395], their twin-output hybrid power supply capable of a combined 6A/80W to power two suitable devices now without the earlier outboard splitter.

Motive and opportunity. – It's Volumio's new Motivo [€1'749], a streamer with RCA/XLR and headphone outputs which can double as server via coax, Toslink, I²S over HDMI and USB. "It's the only transport to market that supports all I²S protocols and pinouts." An 8" touch screen and multi-function controller can access Spotify, Tidal/Connect, Qobuz, Roon Ready, YouTube, Bandcamp, Pandora and Fusion DSP. There's support for DSD, CD and ripping. Sabre ES9038 silicon supports 384 PCM and DSD256, built-in volume control allows direct connection to active speakers or amplifiers. There's also compatibility with Sonos, GoogleCast, Highresaudio and Bluetooth 5.0. Plus, this machine is a full aluminium not plastic construction. Motive and opportunity? I'd say.

Lightest planar made? – Final's new X8000 flagship just might be at 220g despite its large 50mm isodynamic driver. The housing is titanium alloy for superior lightweight strength, the soft earpads are 3D printed, a classic headband is entirely MIA and the silver-coated cable is from Junkosha. Full specs remain TBA and first production isn't expected until Q4 this year.


Rosy DAC? – Hifi Rose have shown industrial design chops across their current range. Now comes the RD160, their first standalone D/A converter with volume control which introduces new optics whose also extinguishable display can show a back-lit circuit diagram which instantly tracks user adjustments. Whilst pricing remains TBA, the expectation according to company personnel on the Munich show floor is between $5-6K.

105 Aer – It's Meze's new open-backed dynamic headphone which replaces the 109 Pro's wooden cups with ABS plastic to come in at the lower ~€400 price

More IQ – Qualio's popular hybrid open-baffle speaker gets the IQ UItra upgrade [€9'900/pr incl. VAT] with Mundorf Angelique copper/silver/gold wiring, a new Evo oil-filled bass capacitor, Jantzen copper-ribbon wax coils, an extra biwire terminal and Isoacoustics Gaia 2 decoupling footers.

Basel Acoustics – It's a new project by ex Boenicke CEO Piotr Misiewicz and renowned speaker designer Sven Boenicke. Their first model is the Concept V01 [€12.8K/pr Swiss], an 8" two-way in a wood-finish enclosure with all the usual Boenicke hallmarks like a 1st-order xover, 2" widebander, ambient tweeter, electromechanical parallel resonator and silk-wrapped Litz wiring. To my eyes it looks like a downscaled Boenicke Audio W22 whose size and cost should fit into many more living rooms.

The atelier of Kroma – Granada's speaker house have added the Jovita [€39K/pr] and Irya [€150K/pr] to their ever-expanding portfolio. Jovita is the middle model of the Signature range and a 3-way floorstander with Mundorf AMT surrounded by 6.5" Purifi anodized aluminium mids to which is added an 8" matching woofer in a twin rear-ported synthetic stone enclosure of 48kg. Claimed bandwidth is 25Hz-27kHz, sensitivity 91dB. Irya is the new entry into the Reference Series which introduces curved cabinetry. This 3-way gets front- and rear-firing AMT, dual 6.5" Purifi mids and dual 10" Purifi woofers. Weight scales to 130kg and response to 19Hz-27kHz. Multiple colour finishes await beyond the standard white Krion. Those are red, green, blue, silver, bronze and black. Add €1'400 for Jovita, €2'500 for Irya to eliminate white.

Float my boat – The latest in Lumin's ever-growing armada of server/streamers is the P1 Mini which accepts USB, HDMI, S/PDIF and even analog signal then packs both RJ45 and fibre-optic networking. Twin ES9028Pro chips support PCM384 and DSD512 whilst Leedh Processing offers lossless volume control for direct-to-amp scenarios. An acrylic/zinc remote control is included to change volume, inputs or navigate a playlist. There's Roon Ready, Tidal, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Qobuz, Plex, UPmP, MQA, Airplay, TuneIn Radio and multi-room capability. Happy days.

Make superior treble tracks… with Fyne's new SuperTrax super tweeter [€4K/pr in walnut, €3.5K in gloss black]. A carbon-composite upfiring tweeter encounters a tractrix dispersion lens for omni radiation and promises to extend response to 60kHz. A ±3dB control claims suitability for speakers up to 98dB/W sensitivity.