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Tempo's sister – From AGD Production comes the Alto [$4'999], a fully balanced DC-coupled compact preamp with built-in MM/MC phono stage, two RCA line-level inputs, one XLR input and 2:1 RCA:XLR outputs (one RCA is an HT thru-put) housed in a milled-from-solid enclosure with Apple remote control and resistor-ladder volume. The op-amp based output buffers of sub 50Ω can be customized for an internal hi/lo-pass filter upon request. Measuring all of 20 x 16 x 7.5" WxDxH but weighing 11lbs, the Alto works on all global AC voltages from 90-264VAC to suggest a switch-mode power supply. Finish options are satin clear anodized or black. The menu selects from 0/180° phase, balance, display brightness and MM or MC. The physical front-panel controls are touch sensors for long life.

SuperMon Mini – It's a dual 4" isobaric 2.5-way miniature speaker [$2'000/pr] from South Korea with a custom AMT tweeter and rear port in an enclosure containing 6601 aluminium. By bringing the tweeter in at a high 6.8kHz, the visible Mark Audio driver works as a widebander assisted across its low end by the inner driver. Bandwidth publishes as 65Hz-25kHz, dimensions are just 4.7×8.2×6.7" and weight is 23lbs. Sensitivity of 88dB is high relative to size, nominal impedance is 4Ω. The SuperMon Mini sells direct through the company's web shop.

LM2 – It's the latest from Spanish Lorenzo Audio Labs, a twin-ported 16" 3-way with 2" compression mid/mid-high driver plus tweeter in a cabinet made of phenolic laminated wood and elastomer. Claimed sensitivity is 95dB with a standard 8Ω impedance, bandwidth is 20Hz-35kHz, dimensions are 140x 55.5 x HxWxD and weight is 140kg/ea.

Pi² + 0.1 – It's 9.88 [$75'000/pr] or what Voxativ of Berlin call their expanded monitor/sub stack via a central upper-bass coupler with three response contours selectable by jumpers. The triple stack combines a rear-horn-loaded AC-4NP widebander on top with the twin-woofer Ripol bass module at the bottom joined by the 0.1 rear-ported mid module [$17'500 add-on]. As shown, this now better matches cosmetically in the rear than early show sightings of pre-production samples had suggested.

ChorAlloy – It's the Chord Company's new multi-layer plating tech providing "a significant upgrade over our previous silver plating to mark a major step forward in connector performance. Its myriad benefits include much lower intermodulation, full solderability and crucially, a tarnish-free finish." The new ChorAlloy-plated connectors and plugs are already available on the VEE3 and PTFE RCA/phono connectors, ChordOhmic speaker connectors (spade and 4mm banana), USB types A and B and BNC connectors along with DIN/XLR connecting pins.

That's really epic, dude! – From Germany's reProducer comes the new Epic 4 [€1'199/pr] in their trademark trapezoidal form factor. It's a purely analog 4" 2-way active with downfiring 5¼" passive radiator (the drivers are their own design), ±5dB 250Hz/2.5kHz trim pots, XLR/RCA inputs, a 3kHz/4th-order filter and 50-watt class D power on each driver. The company have offices in the US and South Korea, design is done in the German HQ, manufacture in China. The Epic 4 is their third and presently smallest model. Its aluminium baffle mates to an MDF carcass finished in brushed faux-aluminium laminate.

Clear and present jubilee – Hello Clearaudio's new 22kg Reference Jubilee turntable [£17'500]. The original Reference as the company's first design launched in the 1980s with a boomerang-shaped acrylic chassis which the new Reference Jubilee revisits in a Panzerholz and aluminium sandwich. A 6cm main platter of polyoxymethylene rotates on a frictionless ceramic magnetic bearing. Built into the 8.5kg stainless steel sub platter is an optical speed controller which takes sensor readings 1'598 times per revolution. A 12-bit DAC generates a motor reference voltage which converts via discrete electronics into an analogue voltage signal. This digital reference compensates slow movements or drifts due to temperature, oil viscosity or belt friction. The motor is a high-torque, air-core (non-magnetic) 24-volt DC affair with belt drive. Its housing decouples from the main chassis with a network of rubber ropes.

EU invaded by soul – The upscale Japanese brand Soulnote has found a European home with import house IAD GmbH. Launched in 2004 by former Marantz employees, chief engineer Hideki Kato believes that ever superior measurements rarely coincide with greater listening pleasure. It's why Soulnote eschew oversampling and negative feedback to improve time-domain behavior. Their 3-tiered very comprehensive catalogue includes pre, integrated and power amplifiers, phono stages, D/A converters, an SACD player and an external master clock without which their best DAC wouldn't even work. With IAD, these products will now be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the BeNeLux. For this kit made in Japan, pricing spans from €3'590 to €21'990.

One more – It's Auralic's new Altair and Aries in G.1.1 guise whose updates include a new integral high-mass satin silver plinth; Apple AirPlay 2; an optional HHD for local storage inside Aries G.1.1; and an uprated fempto clock and more powerful headfi amp for the Altair G.1.1. Pricing is €2'999/ea.

Musical constellationsLeo. Pisces. Phoenix. It's three DDC from Musician Audio with identical i/o but different performance specs. In ascending order, pricing is €699, €1'500 and €2'149. Shared by all is a USB transceiver based on an STM32F446 chip for up to 24/768PCM and DSD512. The FPGA is an Altera Cyclone and opto isolators remove ground contamination between inputs and outputs. 45.1548MHz and 49.152Mhz clock inputs allow the devices to be slaved to DACs with corresponding clock outputs like some by Denafrips for example. In the menu, the I²S pin configuration on HDMI and RJ45 is adjustable for eight different settings by using various combinations of the sample-rate indicator lights for confirmation. All models support dual AES/EBU mode.

New UK hifi expo – That's Exposure's new preamp and stereo amp in their 3510 range. The 3510 preamplifier sports six line inputs with the option of MC or MM phono or a DAC. RCA outputs are twin variable and single fixed. The 110wpc 3510 stereo power amplifier is gain-matched to the 3510 integrated amplifier for bi-amp scenarios. Available trim is black or silver, pricing £1'590 each.

Silver Fox – It's the official nickname of Cen.Grand's most powerful headamp (20wpc/30Ω), the 9i-906. Its drive options include normal, bridge-tied load, active ground and parallel mode, four impedance settings and XLR4, 2xXLR3, 6.3mm and 3.5mm outputs. Unbalanced input signal is first symmetrized to generate the same high power from the quad-Fet output stage. Audio.Next in Germany have begun importing the brand in Europe.

New Volkswagen from Texas – It's Schiit's Folgvangr [$1'799], an output transformer/capacitor-less triode head amp of eight direct-coupled 6N6P output tubes with DC servo. A switchable solid-state IC buffer compensates high 7/18Ω output impedance in lo/hi gain by multiplying the impedance the amp sees eight times. When disengaged, that IC is entirely out of the signal path. Selectable voltage gain is 3.5/16.3dB. Power consumption is 100 watts, output power 300mW/1.2Wrms into 32/300Ω; or 1.4/1.5Wrms with the impedance multiplier. And – this is a limited edition so availability might have a quickly approaching end date.

XLR NCF – It's Furutech's new flagship XLR connector with embedded NanoCrystal² Formula liquid crystal polymer resin. Called the CG-601M [$147] and 602F [$169] respectively for male and female versions, nano-sized piezo ceramic particles and carbon powder factor as well to attenuate HF noise. These connectors also feature on Furutech's Lineflux NCF interconnect.

Acelec reaches the colonies – AudioArt Cables of San Diego add to their expanding portfolio the award-winning Model One from Cees Ruijtenberg to complement their existing importation of his Sonnet Audio electronics. The Model One is a 2-way with 18mm Mundorf air motion transformer and ScanSpeak 15cm radially slashed cellulose mid/woofer in a low-Q ported alignment with 1.8kHz 1st-order filter. Dimensions are 28x19x30cm HxWxD, weight is 17kg. The cabinet is solid 15mm aluminium bituminized to prevent ringing. There's even a stand which the monitor bolts to. Finish options are silver or black.

Première S Class – Like that by Daimler-Benz, this one is from Germany. It's a 7" 2-way active DSP monitor [€4'700/pr] with 250wpc nCore power and motion feedback for its dynamic Seas mid/woofer. It comes in gloss black or matte white. The tweeter is a 7" long air motion transformer on a 4th-order 1kHz 32-bit/96kHz Analog Devices FIR filter. The internal DACs are ESS 9038Q2M, the ADC for the analog input is an AKM AK5572. The XLR analog and digital inputs are auto detected. The DSP-based attenuator is said to be non-truncating. Digital latency from intense signal processing is 30ms. Dimensions are 40x22x35cm HxWxD and weight is 13.5kg. 2 x 3m power cords are included. A 1-week home trial offer carries a €199 service charge which includes pre-paid return labels. If you elect to order a factory-new pair within 6 months of your home trial, that service fee is deducted from the sell price.

X-Man 3rd squadron – "Reporting for duty, sir!" That'll be Børresen's new X3 [€10K/pr] here with its first official hero shot. The forthcoming X models premiere a new driver range once again developed in-house which uses spread-tow carbon skins around a central Nomex core and titanium voice-coil formers for low inductance. The company's signature ribbon tweeter is now loaded into a deep waveguide. The pricing indicates that the X range comes in below the Z range which itself sits below the 0 series. Above the latter sits the new M range introduced below. Yes, this catalogue is getting very busy!

Formula M1 is here – That would be Børresen's new €94K/pr flagship monitor. Though looking similar to the original 01, there are profound very costly differences. The M1's 4.5" mid/woofer's basket is 3D-printed zirconium for maximum stiffness and self damping. The driver diaphragm is a 4-layer bond of spread-tow carbon fiber skins separated by aramid honeycomb spacers then finished with an outer zirconium-coated titanium skin. This layered makeup is said to upshift first resonances to 8kHz so well beyond the 2.5kHz filter transition. The motor system takes the company's patented iron-free concept to solid-silver pole rings. All metal components of the M1 undergo in-house cryogenic treatment. The tweeter is the company's own 94dB-efficient sealed ribbon. The crossover is a series type. Noise-attenuating tech from sister company Ansuz includes Tesla coils and 3rd-gen analog dither. Mechanical resonance attenuation happens via Darkz Z2S roller-ball decouplers between the stand's top and bottom titanium layers. Hookup wiring is Ansuz Gold Signature. Finish is piano-black gloss. Basic specs are 87dB/1W sensitivity and 6Ω impedance.

6th state of the Union – It's the new Zu Union 6 Supreme [$3'899/pr] with 8Ω impedance, Soul 6's 10.3" widebander plus concentrically loaded Eminence ring radiator on a Jupiter copper-cap high pass. The cabinet is inherited from Union 6 but adds some internal bracing à la Soul.

Split the bill – Going Dutch just went Polish with ferrum's new Power Splitter [€249]. It allows us to use their Hypsos power supply simultaneously on Oor and Erco. Given how those two components have overlapping functions, it all points at a forthcoming standalone DAC with the same power requirements. That will make the most sense running alongside ferrum's standalone headphone amp without Erco's internal DAC. Either way, as long as both components rely on the same voltage/current rating without exceeding the power supply's total rating, non-ferrum kit too can now run in tandem off the hybrid supply. So split this bill and make Hypsos go twice as far.

Px7=S2 – That's the heady math B&W throw behind their "best wireless active noise-cancelling headphone yet". The Px7 S2 [$549] bows a new 40mm driver angled within the earcup; a new noise cancelling system; six upgraded microphones; Qualcomm aptX; a slimmer profile; improved fit; memory foam; USB C and 3.5mm connections; 24-bit resolution; and the company's Music App including adjustable EQ and voice assistance. 30 hours of battery life claim to refresh to 7 hours with a just 15-min. quick charge. Finish options are grey, blue and black with complementary detailing and a number of physical controls on the earcup rim mean that app control isn't a requirement.

Pulp fiction – From Goldmund it's the Pulp [€12'800/pr], a cylindrical vented 5" 2-way active speaker with rotating grill, internal 175W x 2 Telos power, a wired digital input plus Bluetooth aptX and WiSA wireless. Size is 23 x 48 x 23cm WxHXD, weight is 14kg. Finish options are the grey shown or black.

Ene, mene, myni, moo – That children's verse leads to the Essential Audio Tools Mains Multiplier Myni [€449] built from a solid composite block with inner copper liner. Four IEC C13 plugs take up less space than common IEC C14 variants and claim better contact stability. Two of the outlets are HF filtered, all are star-grounded. A pulse protector to suppress voltage spikes plus a sacrificial mains fuse offer protection but aren't guaranteed to safeguard against the extreme currents from a lightning strike. Delivery includes a 1.5m mains cable plus one each 50cm and 75cm output cord. Extra cords up to 1.5m are available for €79/ea. The photo with two hands for reference demonstrates how compact this device is – all of 183 x 54 x 43mm DxWxH and weighing just half a kilo. The firm have many full-size models but the Myni is particularly made to go where others won't.

1kg/€100 – That and a bit more is Canton's new A65 [€6K/pr]. That's a 65kg satin white or high-gloss black 5-driver 3-way tower with downfiring port. It sells exclusively through the firm's online store to freeze that price. At 180Hz, three ceramic/alu/Wolfram woofers of 22cm diameter meet a 17.5cm midrange of the same mix. That hands over at 3kHz to a 25mm aluminium/ceramic tweeter. The grills attach magnetically and manufacture of the A65 is in Germany. Pre-orders will exploit a 5% discount.

Phonique it in – You can with new Polish brand Audio Phonique who crash the gate party with 12 products from cables to power delivery to solid-state to DHT electronics. The D150 integrated shown has a PCM/DSD DAC with AES/EBU, coax and USB, MM phono, 3 line-level inputs and one XLR.  It delivers 180/300wpc into 8/4Ω from a class D output stage with shielded MeanWell SMPS plus two smaller toroids for other circuitry and uses a 65 x 1dB stepped resistor ladder for volume. Voltage gain is 37dB, finish options are black or silver with matching FMJ remote. Audio Phonique's top range meanwhile looks at Ancient Audio and LampizatOr by embracing Emission Labs 45, PX25 or 1605 power tubes for classic transformer-coupled direct-heated triode circuits in polished stainless steel chassis.