"No single driver exists that covers the full bandwidth of human hearing in free space, period." What idiot said that? Moi. And though it was a correct statement until now, French company Cabasse is now gonna make me eat frog legs and swallow. Oy. To wit: "Since the Diphone in the 50s (Cabasse's first coaxial system), our R&D team has always been deeply involved with developing drivers and speakers based on technological requirements driven by the direct comparison with live music:

  • high efficiency
  • high power handling
  • respect of the natural timbres of the instruments
  • wide dynamic range

Launched in 1993, the Atlantis became the company's first speaker to benefit from a tri-axial unit covering the 200-20,000 Hz bandwidth based on the principle of the Spatially Coherent System to offer the best possible sound field at the listening position for a perfect coherence of the direct and reflected sound fields.

After the tri-axial TC21 came the TC22 in 2002, a new version covering the 80-20,000Hz bandwidth. Now we are proud to present and demonstrate in Las Vegas the prototypes of La Sphere, a new system fitted with the QC55, a 4-way coaxial unit offering a flat response from 30 to 22,000Hz! Thanks to the coaxial geometries and Cabasse's active digital filter, the response curve off-axis remains the same in every direction for the same angle, directivity perfectly controlled. The coherence of the impulse responses on and off-axis has never been so close to the ideal perfection."

Frog legs rule? It would seem that way. I just swallowed. Crunch. Mmm...