The miniature 4-inch Fostex FE108E Sigma driver pictured above has made appearances in our reviews of Ed Schilling's The Horn and Cornu's Compact Spiral Horn. Now a Canadian company embraces the same driver in a front-horn enclosure called the Concerti 108. At $4,700/pr and gussied up in piano gloss acrylic lacquer with a solid brass mounting ring, with 93dB efficiency, 8-ohm impedance and a claimed in-room response (measured at 3 meters) of 42 - 23,000Hz (-6dB), the puny driver clearly benefits from cabinet loading to extend its reach ($300 upcharge for chrome footers). A polyester lacquer seals the inner enclosure panels in three layers before primer and two layers of high gloss are added. The Fostex driver is mounted on a Birch ply baffle that is then decoupled via Effecta Gomma, an Italian damping compound. Gemme Audio is slated to follow up this product release with a $1,000 SE amplifier, presumably an ideal match for their new speaker.

Taking advantage of the "proximity effect", our own Paul Candy is slated to be one of the reviewers reporting on this new speaker. We understand a major print magazine will cover it as well. All this is most excellent news for the single-driver loudspeaker aficionado who just gained a very attractive-looking new option to consider.