Think of it as Tone Studio West. Jonathan Halpern already serves the NY metro area as a retailer for Shindo Labs, Leben HiFi, Euphya electronics and Auditorium 23 products. Simultaneously, he supports those same brands nationwide as US distributor under his Tone Imports business. Matthew Rotunda of the new Pitch Perfect Audio now represents all of these brands -- plus DeVore Fidelity, Combak/Reimyo, Noblesse and others -- for San Francisco. Tone Imports NYC. Tone Studio West SF. Get it? It's pitch perfect. Hence the name.

This is an exciting development for left coasters in particular and these esoteric Japanese and Euro brands in general. More exposure, more access. That's a good thing all around. Most exciting perhaps is that Matthew will display the very rare Shindo Latour field-coil loudspeakers to become the only second retailer in the United States to actively demonstrate them on the floor.
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