Ribbon tweeters have a cult following but speaker designers wanting to use them commonly lament limited bandwidth and restricted dynamics due to small surface areas and minuscule excursion rates. All this is about to change now that the Alians have landed. Alain Benard, the original designer of the well-known Raven ribbons, presents his latest wide bandwidth ribbon designs called the Alian 24020 [$3,999/ea.], the Alian 18015 [$2,999/ea.] and the Alian 12015 [$1,775/ea.] respectively. (In Germany, this brand is known as ATD. The manufacturer of these devices is BEEngineering). Hand-built and calibrated by the master himself, all three ribbon drivers offer 97dB sensitivities at 4 ohms and vary only in useful low-pass reach. The 24020 can reach to an astounding 300Hz, the 17015 to 800Hz and the 12015 to 1,500Hz (this smallest unit also extends to 45kHz rather than 35K as the other two). Power handling is given as 40 watts for each while weights begin at 8kg for the junior, scale to 18kg for the middle unit and max out at a colossal 22kg for the senior.