Word is getting around. Tbg on AudiogoN reports that "I got one IsoClean gold 1-amp 20mm fuse today. It fits my Exemplar 3910 universal player. It has a directional arrow on it and the instructions warn you to align it properly. I don't know which direction the arrow is supposed to go so I assume it was from the wall to the board being fed by the AC. It does not take any time to hear the difference over ordinary fuses. Noise is lower and there is extension in both the bass and top end. What is most striking is the sense that you are at the recording event. This has got to be the best $25 tweak I have found."

OpusOne adds "I just had the fuses in my Sonic Frontiers Power 3 pair replaced with the Isoclean gold 7A slow-blow and I have to agree with Tbg that the results were rather amazing. Background is quieter and images become clearer. If you don't mind a cliche here, it is really veil lifting." Gordon Burkhardt-Schultz of AUDIOPAX meanwhile put it this way in an excited phone call: "This fuse makes the same kind of difference that replacing conventional fuses with a magnetic circuit breaker makes in our Model 88s."

It's popular to talk about the need for comprehensive front-to-back power delivery solutions. But perhaps no firm has actually done more about this mandate than IsoClean. Besides power cords, isolation transformers, power strips, wall outlets and RCA shielding plugs, they even make a complete audiophile breaker box [see above] to replace the Lowe's special your electrician (or your landlord's) installed in your present abode a long time ago. If you're living in a New York-style walk-up apartment, your junction box could be both ancient and out-of-code by now. If IsoClean's directional gold fuses can make the kind of difference first users are reporting -- and we shall do our own testing shortly -- then it stands to reason that replacing all the decrepit circuit breaker contacts of your incoming AC feed could just be the hammer. And not just for your audio components. Truly, it's time to look into IsoClean's comprehensive offering. While other companies pay lip service to the idea of going all the way, these gents from Hong Kong -- quietly but efficiently -- have already exited the dark tunnel of easy talk. At least so it would seem. Naturally, leave it to them to prove us wrong, by releasing something else which nobody has thought of addressing before.

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