Too little too late? With the launch of SACD, those championing HDCD might have felt that way. With Sony now abandoning the former, Swede Thomas Bergman felt that a database on HDCD titles was in order. It's dedicated to those who are perfectly happy with their RedBook hardware but keen on stocking up on HDCD-enabled software which, so far, couldn't be searched for with any label listings or software seller data bases.

Called, enter the site's English version here and have a ball. To contact the site's creator, e-mail him here. Or, as he puts it: "
Having discovered that the record labels cannot search for HDCD in their listings and that the record shops generally are not familiar with the abbreviation HDCD, we thought this needed changing. The assumption is that there are many of us who are satisfied with our HDCD-equipped CD players, DVD players or amplifiers and therefore very much would like to see a list of HDCD albums.

That is why there is now an HDCD catalogue! The idea is that those of us who have HDCD albums enter them in the database. There are HDCD-encoded albums that do not carry the HDCD logotype and they are also welcome. If you enter an HDCD album but have forgotten the catalog number and bar code, we will remove it from the database. Then we hope you'll back again for a new try...

Anyone can, after having registered as a member, download the item number of a title from the database, using it to place an order at any record shop that provides search engines such as IFBI's catalogue system Grammotex. You are also welcome to use our own service, the HDCD Courier."

Thomas Bergman
The HDCD Catalogue