Danes don't lie. Or so Dynaudio would have us believe. Would that include the claims Allan Isaksen makes for DACT's new subsidiary company DualConnect that deals in, gasp, cables?

When it comes to resistor-ladder precision potentiometers, DACT's already got a rep for top quality. Their lineup includes balance controls and nude phono stages and preamplifiers. Though no actual sticker yet, DACT Inside already connotes quality.

These same Danes now believe to have - well, perhaps not reinvented cable design but come across something they believe is new enough to form a whole new company around that will support turn-key and DIY customers directly from Denmark.

Using solid gold for low-level conductors and solid silver for high-level equivalents, with low-mass connectors, simple geometries and air-gapped Teflon dielectrics, DualConnect will initially have you wonder whether the world really needs yet another audio cable company.

Thankfully that isn't something us reporters need to answer. We just write about goings-on. Let the market -- a fancy term for you, the consumer -- decide whether a product has enough merit to become a solid business that enjoys consistent sales and owner loyalty.

The DualConnect website goes into sufficient detail on their philosophy and reasons for specific design decisions to be redundant in the retelling. What warrants commentary are the low-mass connectors on the gold interconnects in conjunction with thin 35-gauge conductors and a braided geometry.

With Ray Kimber's PBJ arguably the grand daddy of the tri-braid minimalist interconnect, we've recently seen Steve Eddy's Tao of Q iteration and Sezai Saktanber's SilverFi versions from Turkey. It's seems as though the "simpler is better" maxim enjoys a renaissance not just with SETs, single-driver speakers and high speaker efficiencies but also audio cable design.

Interconnect documentation

Speaker cable documentation

Whether gold really is a superior-sounding conductor to warrant upwards of 6 times the price of the tertiary alloy the SilverFi interconnects employ is up for grabs. Still, considering raw material costs and the country of origin, the DualConnect pricing seems very fair for what's on commercial offer.