2004 ongoing industry features and designer & artist interviews

The following industry features are part of the ongoing feature pages on 6moons.com.

They converse with noted designers, musicians or other personages in the wider audio industry whose experience, research or inventions might be of interest to the audio hobbyist.

The choices (of who to interview when) are a function of the writer's personal curiosity and familiarity as well as matters of timing and availability. After all, most folks making a living in this cottage industry called High-End audio are busy enough with their own day-to-day responsibilities to make taking a few hours out to answer questions over the phone an often less than appealing proposition. In certain other cases, the simple matter of language and who to turn to for translation becomes a challenge that can't always be successfully overcome. However, with the passage of time, it is hoped that dialogues with European and Asian designers via e-mail exchanges will become part of this column.

December 2004
Jim Saxon for Cultural Ambassador to Costa Rica
XL's Workshop
Chip's Parting Shots at 2004
Setting Boundaries on the Sales Floor
RAM:EF11: On the perfect room
Auroville 34
Syzygy 2004 - 6moons' merry knaves weigh in on 2004
Picking cherries at the London Heathrow and VAD HiFi Shows
November 2004
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2005!
DSP and different takes on Reality
On Caesar & the Muse
Publisher's 6 nominations for "Best of 2004"
Cassini records Music of Saturn
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2005?
October 2004
Serguei Timachev of Stealth  Audio Cables
A special Zanden Audio event in Hong Kong
Only half daft?
Atma-Sphere revisited Part II
Neko Zhang: A Chinese Star in America
Atma-Sphere revisited
Ralph Karsten Legal Fund
RAM:EF 10: On Room Acoustics at Trade Shows
A Visit to the Denver HiFi Show
A Visit to Brazil and its HiFi Show
The One That Got Away - #1
Royal Flush 2
Santa Fe & Flamenco
Royal Flush 1
Going Dutch
September 2004
On Liabilities assumed, implied, accepted and rejected
A Visit to Brazil and its HiFi Show
A Visit with KR Audio in Prague
Auroville 29
New E-Mail Mailing List Feature
Closer than Front-Row Center
News Blitz: Country-of-Origin Shenanigans
All I Really Need To Know About Audio...
Forbidden Fruit Tour II
Forbidden Fruit Tour I
August 2004
Dollars & Audio
Audio Mechanics with Pierre Lurne
From India with Love!
SOS III: Shitty Stereos of the Stars
Old School Vintage
Of Tubes and Other inexplicable Reasons
WorldMusic: New Age
WorldMusic: Virtuoso Instrumentalists
WorldMusic: Divas
WorldMusic: Various Gipsy Styles
WorldMusic: Flamenco
July 2004
Going to Mass
Round-Up at the Not-Okay Corral
RAM:EF9 On the Soundstage at home and in the recording studio
June 2004
Of Pavlov's Howling Puppies
China, the new land of opportunity
Morrie Serber of Imagine Studios
Richard Tashjian, WorldMusic Immigration Attorney
The SOS Chronicles Part II
The Matter of Context
Marja & Henk at HE2004
Jim Saxon does HE2004
CEA explained by Lew Johnson
May 2004
Auroville 29 "Hardened Criminals"
Paul Candy does NYC
Sophia, Audio & States of Energy
The SOS Chronicles Part I
Coolman does NYC
The Boshman does NYC
Sergeant Ebay does HE2004
Kiuchi-San of Combak/Harmonix tunes Jules Coleman
Too Good to be True?
Jules Coleman on Reviewers as Expert Witnesses
Auroville 28: Business as Unusual
April 2004
Salsa Party
Edgar Kramer reports on the Super-Fi Sessions in Sydney
Auroville 27: On Neutrality vs. Objectivity
Paul Candy concludes Montreal - Part 3
Les Turoczi at Montreal 2004 - Part 2
Art for the Ears - a brief photo essay
Paul Candy at Montreal 2004 - Part 2
Acquired? A poll question with two more answers
Les Turoczi does Montreal - Part 1
Marja & Henk at Doelen Lenten HiFi 2004
Paul Candy at Montreal 2004 - Part 1
Brainwashing Dutch-style
The Genesis of Salsa
The Impossible Number's Game
New Diapers
March 2004
Charisma, too
Acquired? A poll question
Room Acoustics Mastery: Expert Feedback 4
Things Avantgarde in Germany
February 2004
Marja on CES 2004
January 2004
Room Acoustics Mastery: Expert Feedback 3
Jules Coleman on Yale, Rock'n'Roll & Curtis Mayfield
Room Acoustics Mastery: Expert Feedback 2
Jeff Day on CES 2004
Jules Coleman on CES 2004
Srajan Ebaen on CES 2004
Phil Gold on CES 2004
Ivette Ebaen on CES 2004
Jules Coleman on Britney Spears & Rock'n Roll