It's no secret that I've spent time in India, that amazing country of dysfunctionality and sacredness living side by side in apparent harmony if you're a native or irreconcilable opposition if you're a fresh transplant from abroad. So it's with a distinct sense of appreciation and curiosity that I've watched Jacob George of Rethm from afar, wondering how he manages to sustain manufacture of a High-End brand in that very - er, colorful working environment that makes Eduardo de Lima's Rio de Janeiro haunt seem like certifiable sanity. The following miniature photo essay will show his work space and a prototype of the new First Rethm plus a miniature circular-line experiment

Rethm's headquarters are housed in an ultra-modern construct reflecting the architectural clientele that makes up the bulk of the work Jacob and his team attend to in the 'real world' outside audiophilia.

Stylish and modern, tasteful get clearly eschewing the opulent frilliness so beloved of Vogue, these shots of Jacob's digs go far to explain the unique design elements that converge in his single-driver loudspeaker creations.

One glance at the First Rethm prototype will allay all fears that Mr. George would ever let practicality interfere with inspired creativity. Building a continuously expanding circular tunnel venting into a horn is a manufacturing nightmare of the first order, especially when the finished product can't telegraph piecemeal seams but has to look like a hyper-modern piece of fine sculpture. Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% sweat equity. Rethm certainly knows that equation but doesn't seem to mind pursuing the rockier paths less travelled.

No longer content to heavily modify Lowthers to reveal their potential promise while minimizing their inherent design flaws, Jacob George has threatened to commence R&D on his own in-house designed and manufactured full-range driver. Some people thrive on 6-packs and the easy life on the beach. Others prefer grappling with hairy challenges, the furrier the better. If you sight a Yeti in Southern India, chances are he escaped from the Rethm Works. If someone can capture him again and turn him into a pet, my bet is squarely on Jacob George...
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