It's April 1, 2004. Just as with audio reviews, don't believe everything here just because you're told. And, just as with audio reviews, don't throw out the soap with the bath water altogether just because somebody else enjoys a hotter tub of suds than you can stand. That said, let's test your reflexes. True or not true: Did one of our -- lesser -- moons tip on its axis and flip poles? You know that's what certain scientists predict for Gaia as well, with a further tilt of our rotational axis changing the specific areas of greatest expansion versus the flattened poles (the earth isn't perfectly round) to predict severe surface alterations.

Perhaps it will happen. Apparently our planet's poles have switched more than once in the very distant past. What was up is now down. That is true, at least about how our WriterBio moon has spontaneously turned into the new ZeroGBazaar. What? You see, we were covertly approached by the CIA -- Conflict of Interest Agency -- to sell that barren waste land of our publisher's not-so-vital stats to the trilateral mega corporation who plans on transforming this crater-ridden rock into a trans-galactic zero-gravity commerce center to push punk rock DVDs and excess ecstasy to our neighbors in the galaxy - someone's gotta do it or else Elvis stands to hoard all the credit.

But I'm told music of dubious taste and quality will just be the first of many necessary evils to sprout from this new moon. Under the slogan "buy from the reviewer you trust", our resident writer army of crass commercialists is under strict new mandate to peddle various audio import goods, the only restriction being that henceforth, the individual writer responsible for representing a particular brand may no longer review it. Needless to say, if said party can convince his fellow moonies of the awesameness of the goods, they get to review it at their leisure, open-ended loans a prerequisite to determine long-term viability. How else to vouchsafe that something will actually continue to work outside its 5-year factory warranty?

True or not true? What they hell you ask me for - I just work here.

Back to earth. Within two more months, 6moons will have braved its first two years of thin-air existence. What started out as a solo maiden voyage with many happy or not-so-happy returns has morphed into a stellar - well, lunar team of penmen and mistresses who, make no mistake, are in it solely out of enthusiasm. It's been shocking to me to observe this tremendous outpouring of goodwill whereby professional folks with full lives and responsibilities volunteer their time, energy and effort to make the moons a more colorful, all-encompassing venture which presents more and more viewpoints, perspectives, strata of experience and connections.

What this tells me is simply this: Enthusiasm and passion are contagious. When I launched this site, I never anticipated this kind of growth. I had structured the format such that a single owner/operator could sustain it indefinitely. I had written for others before and knew that I enjoyed writing about audio more than anything else I'd done or could conceive of trying next. I decided to roll on solo as a writer not because there was anything remiss with the outfits I'd already worked for. Rather, creative types thrive on the freedom of calling their own shots.
Europe as seen from the SeaWiFS satellite on August 14, 2001 [NASA/Orbimage]

Much to my surprise, the initial self-penned job description of writer and publisher saw itself soon stretched and amended to boss - over a team of people who, in many instances, have far grander professional gravitas in their respective fields than their new featherless chief. I've never been da boss before. I've always worked for others or myself, in the latter function -- except for the dubious mirror image -- never with anyone looking at me as the guy who knew exactly what was happening or where things were headed.

It's solely due to their good spirits, camaraderie and remote friendships that my fellow writers on the moons tolerate and endure my questionable leadership qualities and sustain my illusions about believing that I have any idea as to what's going down. If you were to see any of them jump ship before long, it'll likely have been my sole responsibility for offending their sensibilities. If they were to stick around, perhaps it's because where else would they go from here? Their only food on the moons where the breathing is labored and the views spinning -- trying to get around the earth once every 28 days is hard work, you know, especially if you're zipping along in deep-six formation -- is creative freedom.

It's what I staked out for myself, it's what those who associate themselves with me receive in turn. You'd be forgiven for thinking it a small thing. Depending on your priorities, it could indeed be nothing more than an empty envelope. Imagine my surprise then when the unfolding reactions to our venture seem to express much to the contrary. There are others who value creative freedom as much as bossman and are willing to pay for it in sweat equity. Who woulda sunk? That's a swimming realization altogether.

Before I lose you altogether, the new moniker ZeroGravity Bazaar is not entirely factual. Any object of mass hurling through outer space generates gravity. It's just that the gravity on the moons is far lower than on earth. Zero gravity would suggest zero commercial interest. That wouldn't be true. We do have commercial interests though they are modest in scope. I do indeed plan on launching my own 6moons record label to spread the gospel of world music by audible example. How long until the release of our first album will be a function of discretionary funds to finance this venture.

In the meantime, or until existing labels approach us to represent their offerings through our online portal, the Bazaar will just sit there looking pretty. While 6moons was still a solo venture, a dedicated WriterBio moon was sensible. Now that we're busting at the seams with talent, these pages have been consolidated into my personal bio just like everyone else's, making room for a new sixth moon. Here's to its success in due time. If anyone "out there" is associated with the music industry, independent small labels or recording artists, do consider working with us. We're only slightly insane.