We are in the process of assembling an e-mail based mailing list for those of our readers who'd like to be notified whenever new articles/reviews go up or our Editor goes on one of his "Forbidden Fruit Tours" they might be interested to participate in. When one of our advertisers introduces a new product or service, you will also receive their notification/ press release. Outside of such attachment-free e-mails (images or articles can be accessed via embedded links in the e-mail body to avoid any potential server-related infestation of viruses via attachments), your e-mail contact will not be used for any other nefarious capitalist propaganda. This will protect you from unwanted junk mail or cyber-cowboy solicitors and limit your e-mail notifications exclusively to our publisher Srajan Ebaen as your only sender.

You can request to be removed from our mailing list at any time via the following link. It goes straight to the publisher and automatically carries the "Please remove from mailing list" command in its subject header so you needn't add anything further to this request. If the auto-launch feature won't work in your e-mail program, use srajan@6moons.com to send the same message.

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What are the benefits to be on this mailing list? Simply, regular notifications in your in-box to the following effect:

That's it. The intent is to help you not to miss any articles you might be interested in while liberating you from the need to constantly check what might be new. The embedded review links will also tell you who the author is so if you have favorite writers, you'll be able to keep track of their unfolding work.