Delivery in massive wheeled flight case was perfectly Oops and FedUp safe to give DropBox a whole new meaning. What emerged was the main bank-vault attraction in immaculately tooled black finery.

Raising the roof showed clean bolt threads tapped directly in the thick side walls to be precision aligned.

If the L2 were an Irish place, it'd be the proud holder of our Tidy Town awards like Westport in County Mayo. Vinnie's custom Belleson super regulators were binned from prying eyes in perfectly painted covers. Even the flying leads to the output terminals were super neat. Above, note the internal trim pots for the display and LED brightness which make you boss of your own light show.

Being a modular design like LIO, the mother board of my loaner displayed empty headers still awaiting the optional DAC and phono modules. The plug-ins mine obviously had to have was the precision switched resistor attenuation array and the input switching relays.

As we learnt, L2 also plays a mean game of footsies beneath that very solid plinth foundation.

Here is a stock ElectroHarmonix Gold 300B from Russia with its signature white base …

… and here the black-base Tatatsuki from Japan.

Then it was lid on, tube sleeves inserted and into the first listening session of many.