Got something small but heavy for ya. That was FedEx man with a conspiratorial grin. He'd already set down the case in front of my door before ringing the bell. But it didn't allow me to open the door enough so I grinned right back whilst he moved it. Once I flipped my lid on the Polish Barczak case, it revealed the speakers on top and one level below, the bits and bobs for the stands.

Your delivery will include flat felt-lined footers and pointy spikes to accommodate parquet, tile and carpeted flooring.

To mount the stands…

… undo the plinth, attach leg leaning toward the Sorbothane puck with the shortest bolts, then attach to speaker with the longest bolts. Don't overtighten those in the long rubber sleeves that sit in the wood. This wants to be a lossy connection. Next attach the felt-covered bottom plate with the mid-length bolts, then decide on the footers. Still having Hifistay's Stella60 decouplers on hand, I opted for their shallow spikes. Ending in captive ball bearings, they are the native mates for their roller-ball floor pucks. To kick off, I also went with the metal legs.

Then it was upstairs for a first sound test. With proof of life ticked off in one tone, the SD card folder went on endless repeat to warm up the magnets after transit. With our faux-wood parquet, I thought that Martin's natural cherry finish and anodized stand hue looked stunning. My wife agreed. In fact, during the first listening that evening, she asked for Martin's email to tell him herself.

That's because the sound was really special. How so? Say pi.