Here are two views on the nylon/glass insert which houses the tweeter and midrange in the front and receives the magnet of the rear-facing 5½" TangBand woofer.

The woofer magnet vents through this cross into another spiral line in miniature.

In this photo of the unfinished egg…

… we clearly see the double-entry throat of the transmission line and the final flare after the three turns.

Even the bolt channels for the stand are 3D printed.

For speakers whose sound he admires, Ashley named Laurence Dickie's Kaya and Giya models for Vivid, YG Acoustics and Boenicke. The integrated amplifier they use in their factory system is a Goldmund Telos. As to price, Hylixa developed organically from an original idea, then morphed into reality with a relentless drive to consider each and every structural and acoustic aspect. When the product met its designers' expectations, they figured out what it cost to make which determined the final figure.