Delivery had three boxes stacked on a pallet, each thoughtfully weather-wrapped then secured with two reusable straps. If a hotel's standing is quickly ascertained with a visit to their toilet, hifi makers are instantly graded by the quality of their packing. Hifistay scored an A+. Each part was ensconced in thick foam then plastic wrapping. I ended up with immaculately finished parts laid out like so.

My first order of business was to lock in the perfect X-Frame alignment. The ball bearings had to meet their intended deep races in the shelves' underside just so. Upside down, I began with one tier, then tightened all bolts with the included hex key. Soon I had my three-tall rack locked in. Now it was time to break it down again and stack it right-side up in the smaller system.

The modular construction made this schlep blessedly easy.

Here we see the bottom tier with the Perfect Points+ installed (top right), one of their top layers removed (bottom left) then replaced with the ball-bearing variant (bottom right). Once I had four upfacing ball bearings, it was time to set down the first finely walnut-effect gloss-lacquer shelf with its gold decal facing the seat. Other planned finishes are black ash, bubinga, maple, perhaps even solid colors.

If this were an amp stand, I'd have been done except for the wrong pillar terminations.

Continuing my build…