October 11th 2021. "Apologies for the long pause caused by many current issues that had to be addressed. Now I can finally do my favorite job again which is engineering. I decided to spend a little more time on an even more detailed study of the design so the release is likely to delay a bit more. As always we must give birth to great sound from the design's mechanical construction. I plan on giving you a detailed view of it. The only problem are the many innovations. My explanations will likely seem like a doctoral dissertation. Also, some of these solutions may still be patented. Thus I cannot publish them yet. But there is one very good Japanese proverb I like a lot and often follow. Everything you give away is yours, everything you keep is lost. So maybe I'll use the 6moons patent office again? "

December 13th. "The long way to fine tuning meant that the entire product had to be redesigned once again."

By February 17th 2022…

… I had these images of the finalized design whose ear pads are far thicker than the first render's. As I put it in a parallel news announcement, "ER: It's not the emergency room; unless you were in a hurry for Camerton's long-awaited Binom-ER planarmagnetic headphone. The wait seems to be over soon."

By April 27th, "as you probably guessed, well-known events changed my plans and life a little. Instead of normal working days, every morning now begins with calling all my relatives in the hope they're still alive. I also dealt with supporting friends and relatives directly in the combat zone. In the first days of the war I started preparing humanitarian aid for the Ukraine but then reports began to come in that warehouses were getting oversaturated so further work for us was reduced to supplying only essential and military goods like bulletproof vests, helmets and military shoes.

"Fortunately now supply of these goods is carried out by our partners so we can gradually return to our normal work and continue with audio things."

That meant attending High End Munich in Hall 3 K15 with the French Liedson Orphéon MkII headphone amplifier.

Final specifications are 42Ω, 8Hz-51kHz, 94dB/mW, sub 0.01% THD at 94dB with achievable max levels greater than 135dB from an 98mm PETE diaphragm whose resonant frequency is 140Hz. Wear weight clocks at 415g like a Dan Clark Stealth and the ear-cup sliders adjust magnetically.

"The 2.5m Y cable is meant for stationary use so terminates 6.3mm. Each USB C cup connector has two pairs of contacts to increase electrical conductivity and operate balanced. The aluminium-alloy plug bodies carry our logo. The conductor is oxygen-free stranded copper specially processed including rolling followed by vacuum tempering and cryo. Capacitance and inductance are low and optimized for best signal transmission over the full bandwidth. The signal wires are covered in a braided shield to prevent electrostatic charging and electromagnetic interference. Microphony is further addressed with a vibration-damping nylon layer." There's also a 1m mobile cable terminated with a 3.5mm amplifier plug. [Above, Liedson's Gilles Aguilera & Camerton's Oleh Lizohoub.]