Here we see a double-wide Exoteryc rack like the one in casa 6moons; except that ours isn't fire-engine red. This particular unit was RAL-matched for a Vivid Audio order in South Africa.

Next we see Artesanía's new flagship rack, the Master Kyo done up in black. Its cross braces are carbon fiber and its decoupling inserts solid Beech. Carbon fiber around a Kevlar core shows up again in its massive top shelf.

For Kyo, the metal stock is thicker and certain details are beefed up over the Exoteryc models.

Artesanía racks are very heavy so packing them up for scratch-free transit is serious work all in itself.

Here we see a range of developing accessories to broaden the portfolio. Some of these work under speakers, others can work in lieu of an amp stand.

These Ply boxes show two different assortments.

Artesanía make custom-sized racks for the Japanese TechDAS gear as well as downsized racks for smaller Nagra, Audio Alchemy and Cyrus kit, even a custom tripod for Métronome's Kalista range. On the day of our visit, we saw shipments ready for pickup going out to London and Qatar.

As Cayetano confessed, he hadn't updated their map in a while but already the present pins signified how this originally purely domestic company had grown far beyond Spain's borders. This apparently started with our review when the broader audiophile market began to take notice. Today Artesanía racks compete directly against heavyweights from HRS and Silent Running.

Here are three of the Artesanía musketeers.