Here we see sundry voltage regulators and two socketed Burson Audio dual Classic opamps. Those could be rolled for their red Vivid stablemates. Extremists might view the two IC-based op-amps as potential rolling subjects if those made a sonic difference. Chances are high of course that Simon splurged on the discrete versions only where they mattered.

Six recessed belly bolts later, the lid was back on. Here we witness the business end being mighty busy in the mirror…

Crystal Cable XLR for the source; Franck Tchang ground-noise drain wires on RCA input; Zu subwoofer leads on RCA output; Allnic speaker cables on Furutech locking bananas; power by Crystal Cable again.

… and the cross hatch of one control knob being extra slip averse.

That plus the scalloped Jeff Rowland-reminiscent fascia and Nazca lines for top vents spoke to well-earned machine-shop pride.

Detailed metalurgy does nothing for your sound of course yet classy eye candy becomes an ongoing visual assurance on a quality piece of kit which endeavors to rate as more than just a generic hifi appliance. On which counts the i5 succeeds without seeing any signal whatsoever.