Switchable outputs. Taking us through a preliminary test is this short video. It shows an icOn 4Pro configured for four inputs, two outputs, an AV pass-thru option on input 3 and volume displayed in dB. "The active input is displayed at the left, the active output on the right. Only one output is active and you select them from the Apple remote. With this new function you can comfortably A/B test power amps, loudspeakers, cables or switch a second or third amp/speaker combo at will."

September 28th. "My German friends at Schaeffer read my mind. I need space; and more time, too. The new batch of 120mm high rear plates just landed on my work bench." I spied quite a few that fit my layout of 6 x RCA, 4 x XLR. Next step engraving.

Meanwhile a Dutch client had received his balanced icOn 4Pro: "Fantastic. So far my impressions are very very positive and the easy of use is also very very innovative and relaxed." Added Pál to the Facebook photo, "his fancy Ypsilon CDT-100 CD player is ten times more expensive, the Aelius Mk2 monos are 15 times more and the Tidal loudspeakers simply the Rolls Royce of high end audio." Another buyer reported that the icOn worked better for him than earlier preamps from Mark Levinson, Rowland, Coda and Classé he'd owned. Li'l icOn was adding more notches to its belt.

Once assembled, we appreciate that the icOn 4Pro platform is far more than just a pot in a box like PS Audio's from back when. Being creatively restless, Pal was already working on a 128-step resistive alternative. For giggles—or eventually more than that?—he'd also finessed a PCB for a 'gainclone' type chip amp. If only each day had 48 hours.

If one good thing is fine, two must be finer? Edward in Singapore seems to think so. He had two on order, one with 3/2 i/o, the other with 4/1.