A few days after arriving in Budapest purportedly on holidays came this. "Greetings from Hungary. For your unit I just ordered two new PCB—XLR card and sophisticated i/o card for 4 or 6 mixed inputs and 6/4 outputs with output selectors too—and tested the new configurator gadget.

"With it you can personalize your icOn 4Pro SE to activate A/V bypass, reduce maximum volume, match input levels etc. without any firmware upgrade, menu system or TFT display. It will get its own small case.

"The crossover board is next but that will be quite easy to make."

At this rate I'd become known as the bane of peaceful makers who hope to leave hifi far behind for a change.

By August 29th, "your new PCB arrived. I'm drowning in orders and email inquiries. Dave can't ship enough autoformers. I'm trying to outsource the enclosure which is hard with Covid-19. I have a two-months waiting list for 4Pro. That's growing by the day. And there's big interest in your 'Srajan' edition too."

Thankfully 'SE' abbreviates not just as my initials. It's standard for 'Special Edition'. Otherwise I'd sour not just holiday makers. My reviews would soon be blamed for unnaturally testing the patience of Pál's newest believers. Perhaps I could rewrite his two articles. A cliffhanger might slow things down? "It sounded quite good but there's solid reason to believe that in half a year, we'd really have something to talk about. Until then, hobble your horses."