Music is my soul. Inside this foxy soul hide four pairs of lateral Exicon 10P20/10N20 250-watt power Mosfets so twice as many as in the Bakoon/Enleum amps. Those bolt to very thick aluminium stock which becomes the machine's base to double as invisible heatsink.

Nichicon caps appear as quads of 6800µF/35V and 3300µF/25V, dual quads of 100µ/50V and 16 more in smaller denominations. From there parts size keeps diminishing to truly minuscule bits fronting the red Wima caps. Hover the mouse-over loupe for a closer look.

For more magnifying fun…

… we go from bird's eye view to more level with a front…

… then rear view of the inner action. Note the avoidance of classic ribbon wiring with the separate leads behind the front panel.

Build quality and fit'n'finish struck me as at least on par with Denafrips and Kinki if not a cut above in the unexpected copper-tone detailing of the top-plate name groove, down the fascia in two vertical stripes, as bevels along cover and lateral vent edges all picking up the color of the front's logo badge, volume knob, display font and power-button ring. That's smart two-tone scheming. Mr. JianHui Deng seems to have patiently waited in the wings of proper prep until he felt ready to pounce on the global scene with sharply honed fangs.

My first purely physical/visual inspection signed off in big capital SE: seriously executed!