Kammerton. With a bit of creative spelling, Camerton becomes German for chamber sound. Given compact size and frozen-liquid gloss of superlative black lacquer skins as though being actual musical instruments like two miniature pianos, this hidden meaning felt à propos. Unpeeled from their light shipping carton with styro liners and thin wood reinforcement panels, then protective cloth bags and finally cling film, the curvy back ends…

… revealed a thick aluminium plate which hugged the boat-hull cab with an engraved name badge on top followed by…

… a metal port tube protruding a bit like an exhaust beneath which sat the single-wire carbon-shrouded binding posts.

This and the fine detailing of the subtly slanted top, curves and sculpted front panel all conveyed an air of ambitious purpose and upscale manufacturing finesse.

Here we see how the cabinet's top slants up slightly toward the rear, how its walls curve outwards, how the front baffle slopes seamlessly into the top. Though compact, it's a very complex form factor that must be as nightmarish to produce as it is frightglarish to photograph unless one cheats. To add to the dipped-in-paint impression, the only visible fasteners are four big hex bolts on the metal plate in the rear. On luxurious cosmetics just sitting there, the Camerton hits all the right notes which shoppers in these leagues will expect without yet making a peep.

As we learned, the Binom-1's place of birth was Berlin as the speaker village Voxativ had built for this genre with their piano-gloss widebanders. Now Camerton had joined the same exclusive band on the city's Blockdammweg. I first set up my loaners in the upstairs system around the superlative 25wpc Bakoon AMP-13R. That was fronted by a Jay's Audio DAC2-SE processing .flac files sent via BNC by a Soundaware D100 Pro SD card transport. Power delivery was by Puritan Audio Labs PSM-156 AC/DC filter. At 4 x 6m for a 24m² space, this room would play perfect chamber counterpoint to the Kammer in Camerton. Oleh: "You're correct of course. The Binom-1 is far from any quick happy accident. In fact many of the classic broadband drivers to market today are my development. The Binom-A and A1 drivers [the latter in the review speaker – Ed] are the result of a deep analysis of the genre's shortcomings and disadvantages."

Or as his site put it about the driver, "the Binom-A driver is a unique flat diaphragm broadband emitter able to cover the entire hearing range with very wide off-axis response. Its diaphragm has very high stiffness while remaining extremely light. A special system ensures uniform sound transmission across the entire diaphragm surface and complete absence of break-up modes, thus the high frequencies are devoid of sharp directivity. The membrane's very high internal loss factor provides ultra-linear frequency response with a neodymium motor. The constant value of magnetic induction in the air gap provides linear ±11mm movement of the voice coil. The Binom-A1 is a further development. By reducing the aluminum/beryllium alloy part of its diaphragm to consequently increase the ultra-light wood part, we achieved even more linear operation at mid and high frequencies. By further increasing the internal loss factor, the sound became even warmer."