Personally and particularly on vocals of suitable recording quality, I often felt that nearly 'live' frisson because micro hues were so unvarnished and unfiltered. Romanticized effects like 'midrange glow' or 'timbral warmth' fade. Cadenza is groomed for purity, should exhibit very low measured distortion and plays without any makeup. So pick quality and tonally neutral ancillaries and cables of equivalent purity—AudiaZ can supply matching speaker cables—and figure on ~20-40m² of space. Close front-wall proximity could be advantageous due to the slimmer upper bass/lower mids. Custom bases make unexpected differences. Whilst Cadenza goes willingly loud to involve the neighbors, I'd not pick it for rave parties. More important especially for the targeted smaller rooms is how this AudiaZ remains dynamically interesting and lively at low volumes.

Psych profile for the AudiaZ Cadenza…
♠ exceptionally transparent/resolved midrange and treble without any cosmetic artifice, filters or buffers. Not for romantics but fans of the real stuff.
♠ brilliantly specific microdynamics which follow the most subtle vocal inflections to become a real experience.
♠ a very open, airy and honest treble that, with clean cabling and amplification, remains friendly and fit for long sessions without any disturbing artifacts.
♠ transparent 'quick' mids which reveal the finest of nuances. Tonally more light-filled than fulsome or sonorous.
♠ precise bass whose quality doesn't impress extra like the higher bands to simply do the job. Slight output depression across the upper bass and lower midband. Mature reach. Raw bass physicality and orgiastic SPL weren't part of the concept brief.
♠ Involving spaciousness that's less groomed for monitor-type hyper-focused imaging and more for openness, scale and absence of box 'stickum'. There's nothing diffuse so soundstaging becomes a top discipline with unexpected off-axis response for a sweet spot that's more widely useful.
♠ understated design of exceptional fit'n'finish and an interesting unique form factor which tends to blend into the décor rather than stand out.

Concept: 3-way floorstander with downfire port and ceramic drivers
Dimensions & weight: 1120 x 244 x 244mm HxWxD, ~32kg/ea.
Finish: pearl-gloss black or white, golden ebony veneer in high gloss
Sensitivity: 87.5dB/W/m
Nominal impedance: 4Ω
Other: optional speaker cable to continue the internal hookup wiring to the amplifier/s
Warranty: 5 years