Xposed. Michael Børresen's X factor on power delivery is crystal with one glance at the Mainz8 innards. They don't look anything like the competition.

Inside the MDF casing sits this steel insert with the mounted circuit board. The Tesla coils of the top model are absent.

Be it these dithering opamps…

… or these varicose cable wrappers and arterial branches…

… this isn't business as usual.

Making perfect sense of it is simply best left to the engineers.

What even techno-peasant brains like mine can understand? The footers beneath the Mainz8 casing are prepped races for the ball bearings of optional Darkz resonance controllers.

As this price list shows, with any four of these variants times four to go beneath the Mainz8, that can gets costly quickly. But who is still counting?

For personal jollification and because the downstairs system was still on another assignment, I first installed the Ansuz power loom upstairs. Here it replaced a far more agricultural active Puritan Audio Labs PSM156 conditioner/filter [€1'450 with 2m 20A mains cord] and Crystal Cable cords to the three components. What would elite Dansk power do for this setup?