Thrax amplification and MSB Discrete as a DAC for a Pink Faun streamer drove a pair of Vimberg Mino loudspeakers in the next room. Vimberg are a division of Tidal Audio and the Mino is a floorstanding 3-way 5-driver affair. All drivers are sourced from Accuton. Masterfully set up by Frank Vermeylen and with a great choice of music, we had a splendid time listening here. Audio shows really can be pleasant after all whenever exhibitors are truly knowledgeable and capable.

Another Dutch product to be proud of was daudio. They specialize in dipole loudspeakers with floating AMT tweeter. Those combined with Merging Nadac electronics as well as daudio's own power amps.

Didit launched their new DAC and matching amplifier. Once those are in production, we'll have review samples.

A beautiful copper-colored TD124 welcomed us in the hallway to the next room. There reworked/refurbished/enhanced turntables proved that true quality never fades or becomes irrelevant. This smallish setup had a lovely highly musical sound that enveloped the listener. Loudspeakers were German Suesskind Progress compact floorstanders by Joachim Gerhard. This is a 3-way 89dB sensitive design with bass extension to 32Hz. Amplification including phono was by Het Audio Team (HAT) of The Netherlands.

Spatial M3 Triode Master open baffle loudspeakers combined with Tsakiridis Apollon amplifiers and a Hegel network player.

Boenicke W8 speakers with SPEC amplification didn't sound recognizable. Perhaps it was the timing of our visit?

Little things matter. In the next room amplification was in the hands of a Graham Slee Proprius.

That Audio Note loudspeakers sound good not jammed all the way into a room's corner was proven here.

Polish Fezz Audio, a subsidiary of transformer experts, showed with Avantgarde Acoustic Duo horns. This is a litmus test for any tube amplifier. If there is even a little noise, the highly sensitive speakers will amplify it mercilessly. Yet all was quiet here when it should have been. When music played, the speakers' characteristic sound was immediately familiar to our ears.

A new encounter for us was the Lyravox Karlotta. This is an active 2-way with built-in subwoofer and ambient drivers all sourced from Accuton. With the word active, the German company mean serious business. DSP handles the crossover and room correction. While busy there, an integrated streamer is included as well. A thick piece of slate shows up for the angled plinth