Outstanding musicality was on offer in the Auralic  room. Their system consisted of Piega 711 speakers, Trafomatic Audio Lara preamplifier with Noa monoblocks and Auralic G2 server, transport, D/A converter and master clock.

Novospassky hall with its large numbers of seats hosted the MMS Cinema company to demonstrate a successful partnership between KEF's Blade speakers with cutting-edge streaming options from Primare's Prisma technology, a Trinnov Amethyst processor and ATI amplifier. The wireless elements worked not far away.

Krutitsky hall had video blogger Valery Bykovschenko hold his masterclass on vinyl that attracted packed interest from attendees.

Donskoy hall served several Russian companies to present their achievements. There were Noosfera Lab electronics based on zero degenerative feedback which worked spectacularly well with Styleacoustic speakers.

Noize Fabrik made a striking impression.

The catalog of ALLB Music company included multi-way speakers with coaxial drivers developed  in Moscow.

KSound Lab make these paired speakers with carbon-fiber drivers of their own design and manufacture.

Besides components from the above brands, Donskoy hall had more domestic attractions. In the lobby one could see and hear Efa Audio and Felix Audio. Felix Skakun, head of Felix Audio, presented a new headphone amplifier which during the presentation was fed by a new power supply harmonizer.

As in previous years, the show presented an abundance of vinyl records and reel-to-reel as well as digital recordings. Zavalinka Records had Sony and Studer reel-to-reel recorders working with a 150-watt S.A.Lab Black Knight amplifier running germanium transistors, ProAc speakers and large shallow horns developed by A. Kniazev.

Vinyl-boutique sold not only records but showed small record-cleaning machines from Dyagilev while the Nikitsky 12, Discorama, Vinyl Bazar and Lazer CD companies offered various records to show goers.

All photos by Vigen Amamchan, translation from the Russian by Vasiliy Nechaev.