In the two rooms of Digital Fruits, Schiit, Aurender and Mytek Digital showed full-size and portable setups. The digital fruits partnered with Martin Logan Expression 13 elestrostats, Masterpiece and ESL X ElectroMotion line models and various Audeze headphones at different price levels.

The dominant attraction of the Milky Sound company was the Russian premiere of Lu-Kang Audio's Spoey 230 speaker and its Taiwanese brand with forty years of history. The Mondiale integrated amplifier by A. Trusov provided the drive.

Russian audiophiles are well aware of the Italian Sonus Victor company headed by a Russia expat. Each year they participate at MHES. This year they presented several speakers, with the SV-250 taking up center stage and being assisted by Ypsilon's CDT-100 CD player and Phaethon integrated.

The products by Russian engineer A. Syritso enjoy great domestic esteem among devotees of top sound. In the Apson Lab room one could hear his 5th-gen active Capella 5 active speakers with electroacoustic feedback and current drive for the mid and lower bands.

The AV Comfort company exhibit was dominated by Quad gear. The system consisted of ESL-2912 electrostats rotating with Wharfedale Linton Heritage speakers and Elite amplifiers. The other components were an Ayon streamer and SME Model 15 turntable with 309-m arm and Van den Hul Black Crimson Reference cartridge.