Summary. The list of available tweaks to elevate performance of our key hardware is extensive. We can cherry-pick from cables, racks, platforms, power supply components, USB decrapifiers, room acoustic items and many more. In recent years network components have joined the show and to me proven twice already how effective they can be. Those were the fidata HFLC cable and today's Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic.

Today's industrial network escapee didn't get away with any bling. As a specialist product meant to do a very specific job, it doesn't have to look hot and petite size and ruggedized plastic case make it a no-frills proposition that's built like a tank. Perceived value in the context of its core switching functionality is ridiculously low but such goods are all about sound quality increases and here the M12 Switch Magic truly shines.

Just as any other audio sorter, this costly item isn't mandatory, hence the smart play would take it into consideration only after all key components were in check with very little wiggle room left to further elevate their sound quality. If your LAN-based rig is a closed case to fit the profile, the Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic's potency not being too far off my complete USB link says it all. This Japanese switch impressed me with its effectiveness to now encourage you to get familiar with it at your place. Time spent with it will be far from wasted. That's a promise.