Another guts 'n' glory view—hover mouse for loupe function again—plus…

… the assets 'round back.

If you're not used to headless horsemen and streamers, you'll be scratching your nether regions next. Aside from wiring up the business end then pressing the frontal mains whose recessed pale lighting made it virtually impossible to see its status in daylight, there's nothing else to do in hardware. What now?

Hit up the manual. I followed its instructions, opened the http://pinkfaun.local browser window, made the recommended entries including a generic password so MacOS saw the 2.16 ultra's drive, loaded music files from our FusionDrive to Jord's music_ssd_1 then hit Euphony's library-refresh button to bring up the tunes inside it. Nothing showed. So I booked a TeamViewer session with Jord.

We learnt that my vintage Safari version was incompatible with Euphony. Installing a Firefox build copasetic with my older OS which I've deliberately not updated to maintain iTunes resolved the issue. All the music showed. Now we switched over to a Zoom session on my Windows PC. Jord remained logged into my music iMac. Via screen sharing in Zoom he now talked me through all the features of his software for the full guided tour.