Head trips. With 54 out of a possible 99 on the MZ3 dial, Hifiman's notoriously reluctant Susvara went massive. They rocked their most dynamic prancing pants and donned textural moisture; perfect for Sezen Aksu's moody song and its Armenian duduk.

Staying Armenian with Siranush 'Sirusho' Harutyunyan's very modern "Ankanon" from Armat showed off complex layering with offset voices and lower bass.

Sneaking in club beats compliments of Govinda's "Resonance" showed that…

… the downstairs had no need for renovation. In the little dance hall inside my gray noggin, I was in a Marmaris or Mallorca lounge chilling to a DJ's twilight spins for the hardcore rave denizens.

Where our fatter bassier rather less resolved Audeze LCD-2/CX and Final D8000 planars are still better served by Bakoon's greased reflexes and overall lit-up demeanor, the more e-stat-y Susvara were ideally complemented and complimented by the 12SN7's glossier textures.

They also gave me that inside-out tonal pressurization or color pop which tube lore calls glow. However, this was decidedly no sleepy fireside romance. This was a high-energy romp of robust vitality. On Susvara and their HE-1000 mates, the MZ3's tonal plumptuousness plus propulsion made this my favorite LTA ride. It went beyond their other two amps I'd previously hosted. It still had obvious drive but now also a very particular sumptuousness. And that made for a very happy constellation of attributes I'd also favor on our Sennheiser HD800 and Final Sonorous VI and X.

It had more swagger and juice just as José Mercé's saucy take on "Mammy Blue" demands.