Today's set was easy to use and worked like a charm from the go. After taking a good hard look at it and my hardware, decisions were in order. Although the Optimo 3 Duo could power two devices, one had to be the M12 Switch Gold. The remaining DC feed could drive either iFi's micro iUSB3.0 or my generic Linksys router. After a brief audition the former took the cake which left the other with iFi's switching iPower. Marcin's linear box connected to Gigawatt's power conditioner and sat on the bottom shelf of my rack next to the M12 Switch Gold with two network cables installed – JCAT's Signature Gold M12 X and MFP8 IE Gold. Marcin had suggested to use the superior leash for the fidata so the other went to the Linksys. It's also worth knowing that this router provides only wireless control over my storage/transport and as such doesn't partake in any audio data routing.

As described, I had Marcin's stack operational in all its costly glory for my starting point. After a short listen my USB reclocker's power feed changed from linear to switching with the iPower and my router connected to the fidata via generic RJ45 to have the review kit fully disengaged. Next that looped in again and the procedure repeated until I had a proper aural fix. Now Telegärtner's switch was removed to isolate the JCAT Optimo 3 Duo. Its twin DC outlets unlocked the option to have Linksys and micro iUSB3.0 powered; or connect two iPower critters to the Gigawatt as they usually are. The original plan had included Fidelizer's EtherStream against the golden M12 but the latter's non-standard socketry placed this comparison off limits. No RJ45 cable could work with both switches and knowing how meaningful such cords might be, I was out. Instead the Optimo 3 Duo PSU powered the EtherStream just to see if it squeezed extra performance from it and either confirm or deny what Fidelizer's Keetakawee Punpeng had told me a while ago.

It's tempting to start out by explaining how noise cripples music and how it flourishes along with addressing this pollution but I'd simply repeat myself. I trust that most reading this review are at least somewhat familiar with the universal groundwork and behavior of such products. Marcin's linear PSU and switch didn't battle against my own accessories on foundational qualities such as backdrop blackness and grain removal. These bases were covered long before their arrival. This time I got to move beyond the breed's usual influence to a place where music changed at its very core to present from a substantially better angle as a whole. Think universally applicable makeup capable of turning an already gorgeous female into an even more stunning beauty just as recognizable as she ever was. The Innuos PhoenixUSB had done this before and now Marcin's set followed suit. That's the gist of it but this sort of labor doesn't come cheap.

My USB pipeline, power conditioner and cables significantly elevated my rig's overall performance over time but with Marcin's products bypassed, it still sounded more bloated, fuzzy, slow and hollow in the upper bass. Although his components were on/off multiple times, their key benefits mapped within seconds after the first swap. Not only did they spread that particularly moist, velvety and silent aroma I knew already but did so powerfully enough to leave me enjoyably dizzy. Many not yet familiar with the sensation would be caught off guard and likely puzzled by how two boxes and some cables outside the signal path can up the ante so. Previous adventures with costly noise killers should have had me well-adjusted to the feeling but I actually wasn't. At times sonic shifts are simply too drastic for my audiophile immune system to fully cope with right away. Marcin's stack did enough to turn this audio veteran into a blindsided freshman for a while. After all, hearing accessories as powerful as proper audio components isn't a daily treat. Whenever something of the sort does happen, it's always far more than early infatuation. Today we feast properly!