Summary. That our subject today would reach beyond the norms for its category no longer surprised me. Over the years I grew used to the fact that iFi audio's R&D team don't play the short game. Their people always pursue extra features and their PowerStation fits that bill perfectly. To my knowledge there's no other power strip this functional which was designed specifically for audio and remains so affordable. iFi audio have been known mainly for portable products. Now the PowerStation proves that they also know how to do full-sized components well. [And of course their Abbingdon Music Research line demonstrated that already many times over – Ed.]  This product scores high on build quality and styles hard enough to remain visually appealing. Of course that's of minor importance when it will likely disappear behind a rack or desk. However, being able to solve grounding issues, enjoy over-voltage protection and convenient polarity/earth indicators are useful additions. Similar products might tick off some of these boxes but which competitors tick them all?

The iFi audio PowerStation's active cleaning circuit is its most impressive virtue, how it translates to sonics even more so. Its action is highly efficient and conceptually along the lines of full-blown big power conditioners. Based on memory, the closest thing on performance might be SOtM's nearly three times dearer yet nowhere near as functional mt-1000 power distributor. This says a lot about today's champ. It gives far more in return than its modest ask would imply. Far more.