Before we dig deeper, it's fair to ask why this product happened. From a pure marketing perspective, it makes perfect sense. Sooner or later, every audio enthusiast needs something like it. But iFi audio's awareness of just how important clean power is to our hobby plus several successful prior models in this vein (iPower, DC iPurifier and AC iPurifier) really were key. Their proprietary silencing technology implemented in another universal model like today's begs the question of any potential downsides. I'm aware of none. The PowerStation simply makes too much sense not to exist.

It arrived inside cardboard tailored to fit. Warranty card and short manual aside, no extras were found since nothing else was needed. iFi's PowerStation measures 96x76x478mm WxHxD and clocks just a hair less than 2kg. These numbers describe a regularly shaped and sized power bar quite hefty in hand. The aluminium plate chassis has the main IEC inlet with on/off switch on one side, their AC iPurifier+ module stick out the other plus six Schuko outlets on top. So far so usual. Socketry comes in US, EU, UK and AU flavors. Their different sizing means from 6 to 8 outlets. Four rubber bumpers on the underbelly parallel the option to install upfacing 3rd-party spike footers. Overall fit'n'finish gave no reasons for complaint. The product is very nicely done for the price and reassuringly hefty. I found its dark gray matte finish and stealth visuals appealing. It's become tradition to see most iFi features listed on their product bottoms and the PowerStation fit that profile. iFi's portfolio quite crowded with non-mainstream goods always has even their global solutions add novel wrinkles and today's ticks off that box as well. The descriptions on its bottom imply far more than the usual. How so?

This is a power distributor and active noise suppressor, earth/polarity indicator, ground sorter and over-voltage protector. Generic power bars are usually passive. Their goal is to offer multiple outlets in one place, sometimes add a bit of filtering. Even top-line solutions often stay passive to shun active circuitry which is believed to hamstring dynamics, something I too have noted. What's more, my purist flagship DAC can sound substantially better wall direct. In iFi audio's world, active noise suppression beats any passive measure on efficiency. How does their latest do it? The outer aluminium shell coats in EM/RF-absorbent paint and one end of the housing seats the AC iPurifier+ module which, non-plussed, also sells separately. That means iFi's proprietary active noise cancellation II aka ANCII. It measures incoming mains noise, then injects a counter-phase noise signal to cancel it just like noise-cancelling headphones do. According to iFi, their active noise suppression eliminates far more noise across a far broader range than passive filtering methods can.

The built-in AC iPurifier+ module even confirms correct polarity/earth. Two green lights indicate happiness, one or two going red shows an issue. The 4.4mm banana socket can connect to iFi's Groundhog to defeat ground loops. Dubbed 'IntelliGround', this auto-sensing feature knows whether a Groundhog is needed. If not, it automatically disengages. Inside the case we see copper distribution bars not clamped but soldered to internal circuitry with OFC wire. Each outlet isolates in its own chamber to prevent differential-mode cross contamination. Strategically placed ethylene vinyl acetate inserts manage physical vibrations. Over-voltage surge protection based on metal oxide varistors is effective up to 30'000A@1'000V/10uS. Without a way to check these figures, we'll trust the engineers on iFi's payroll.