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This review first appeared in May 2019 on HifiKnights.com. By request of the manufacturer and permission of the author, it is hereby syndicated to reach a broader audience. All images contained in this piece are the property of Dawid Grzyb or Fidata- Ed.

Reviewer: Dawid Grzyb
Sources: LampizatOr Pacific (KR Audio T-100 + KR Audio 5U4G Ltd. Ed.), fidata HFAS-S10U
Preamplifiers: Kinki Studio EX-P7, Trilogy 915R, Accuphase C-2150, Pass Labs XP-12, Thöress Dual Function Preamplifier
Amplifiers: FirstWatt F7, Kinki Studio EX-B7, Trilogy 995R, Accuphase P-4500, EggShell TanQ, Ayon Scorpio, Bakoon AMP-13R
Speakers: Boenicke Audio W8, sound|kaos Libération
Interconnects: Forza AudioWorks Noir, Audiomica Laboratory Erys Excellence
Speaker cables: Forza AudioWorks Noir Concept, Audiomica Laboratory Celes Excellence, Luna Gris
Power delivery: Gigawatt PC-3 SE EVO+, Gigawatt PF-2 + Gigawatt LC-2 MK2 + Forza AudioWorks Noir Concept/Audiomica Laboratory Ness Excellence/LessLoss C-MARC
Rack: Franc Audio Accesories Wood Block Rack
Music: NativeDSD
Retail price of reviewed components in EU (incl.VAT): with LS-2 EVO cable €8'310, with LS-1 EVO cable €7'050, with LC-3 EVO cable €6'195, with LC-2 EVO cable €5'700, add €660 for four rolling-ball isolators

Instead of releasing new hardware at the usual seasonal clip, Adam Szubert and team years ago decided on the calm and steady route of progressive upgrades. Their first PC-3 released a decade ago and today's GigaWatt PC-3 SE EVO+ is its fourth and final iteration.

I have no idea how many writers return to their old work but once in a while I do go back to mine. This quite habitual activity is useful when I see a mild improvement comparing my articles published three years ago to content released just recently. Today's words judged another three springs from now I shall hopefully view as merely decent to signal ongoing progress. However, during one of those long thorough looks at the past, I discovered something interesting related to today's review.

For years I was very much into headphones though my subsequent transition to regular stereo happened quite rapidly. I remember well my first serious setup of KEF LS50, Hegel H70 and QED cables and just recently realized that the GigaWatt PF-2 power strip still listed in my current system has been on duty ever since. This reliable trooper is the only one left from my humble hifi beginnings. Everything else has long marched on.

This anecdote also paints Adam Szubert as one of the very first manufacturers who decided to give a new writer a chance. Back to the PF-2, any itch to replace it wasn't strong for years. Truth told, up to a point power delivery products didn't interest me much and reliability plus usefulness of this particular GigaWatt item factored as well. Why fix something that ain't broke? Or was I simply too lazy to investigate more?