Psych profile for the Audio Note AN-K/SPe …
♦ deliver a natural broadband panorama that adequately portrays the room's depth and comes up with realistic, edge-limned if not exceptionally full-bodied imaging on and slightly behind the speaker plane.
♦ play remarkably homogeneous. I couldn't detect a seam between the frequency bands.
♦ sound amazingly free and open and find the perfect balance between silky finesse and necessary edge.
♦ are tonally on the dry side with a fresh treble range but this in no way brings coolness or even sterility because …
♦ … there is a hint of emphasis between upper bass and lower mids which gives the sound the necessary substance.
♦ reach down to about 50Hz with dry quite crisp bass without really achieving physically noticeable slam. Macro dynamics were not a primary goal of these designers
♦ are at the top of their class with micro dynamics.
♦ play optimally in small to medium-sized rooms of ~10 to 30m².
♦ can and should be placed relatively close to the front wall on high-quality heavy stands.
♦ are electrically very good-natured and will cope with smaller tube amps.
♦ can be further upgraded.