Handling of space by the Audio Exklusiv-anchored system matched benchmarks in width, showing good spread as well as reasonable levels of projection and depth. The cable introduced a subtle amount of extra upper energy which contributed to a powerful sense of space with enormous acoustic envelope but only fair placement and boundary precision. "Something Just Like This/Hungarian Rhapsody" from Limitless: Piano Guys was spectacular in scale, creating an impressive sonic event somewhat larger than acoustical life. The Audio Art Cable was similar in character with somewhat greater focus while the Arkana traded lightness and air for more precise venue information. The addition of the GutWire Consummate grounding cable brought the three on more equal footing, contributing its trademark increased focus, expanded soundstage and cleaner top end.

Looking back on my vivisection, here's one instance where the sum of the parts really failed to convey the whole. The Audio Exklusiv was fun. It breathed a sense of life into the presentation, an ebb and flow that was simply intoxicating. It left the exuberance of the performer and his instrument unfettered without sacrificing honestly of tonal balance. Any minor shortcoming paled in the face of that relentless enthusiasm.

The Audio Exklusiv PCD 1 is elegant but understated. Measuring 110mm W x 186mm D x 90 mm H, it is comprised of black extruded aluminum with 3mm front and rear panels, four generously sized rubber feet and weighs 0.9kg. The front panel is Spartan with a white company logo and single red power indicator. The rear panel has a high-quality recessed power input and an unusual blue receptacle with hinged cover feeding power to the component. Fasteners are Allen hardware. Internal components are potted to discourage plagiarism.

The PCD 1 is claimed to reduce power grid problems as well as EMI/RF without compromising tonal balance, responsiveness or dynamic ability. It uses a combination of proprietary filtration for the 50/60 cycle grid issue and ci2p technology developed in conjunction with Gabriel Tech, an acknowledged leader in the field of dealing with EMF contamination. The PCD 1 can be applied either to feed a power bar for full system power or more effectively as a dedicated AC source, one per component. In the evaluation of the PCD 1 line conditioner, I kept the Auralic/Audio Exklusiv power cable setup as control source for both the Exact Power and PCD 1. Mains power to the PCD 1 was supplied alternately the Audio Art Cable Power 1 SE or Arkana Physical Research Corona Magi. Results of the alternate pairing amounted to minor variations in tonal character, a touch more transparent for the Audio Art versus slightly more dimensional and organic for the Arkana, as well as differences in image size and soundstage boundary where the Audio Art Cable Power 1 SE combination showed a slightly reduced scale of venue and performers whilst the Arkana Physical Research prioritized dimensionality. The GutWire ground was also periodically inserted to see if further improvements could be had.