If you wore your thinking cap, you'd have clocked that I just made a very big if common mistake. Unless one had the same speaker with different crossovers at hand, there's no way to assign performance qualities to specific tech. The sound one hears is the sum total of all the interactions between enclosure, drivers, filter, preceding electronics, room and placement of speaker and chair within the room. So forget performance comments on Christian's crossover. As always, I can only comment on the complete product. Anything more would be fertile but misguided imagination. Here are some final facts:

"The mid/woofer has a long voice coil for great linear excursion and its ratio of size to emissive surface is high. Whilst the diameter is that of a 5" driver, its radiation surface is actually 20% higher than common for that. For practical reasons we moved from a ribbon to a ring-radiator tweeter since the one drawback of a ribbon is its vertical dispersion. That means the tweeter should be at ear level which can be an issue with a short floorstander. It's important to say that there are no compromises in parts quality compared to our Armonia model. The inductors are still 1.4mm baked copper wire, the capacitors Jantzen PP, the resistors wire wound and the PCB has thick copper traces. Whilst the bass loading is a classic reflex, Christian discovered a way to create a double resonators which gives more bass extension than expected. Because sensitivity is directly related to moving mass and cone surface, even though we run our usual light parts, the final sensitivity spec is a bit lower than Armonia's. We recommend amplifiers of 60-80wpc."

Here we see the ring radiator with its signature bullet phase plug.

In this context, the terminal cup felt just a bit declassé. Sticking it to the recess won't be an issue with bananas but to hand-tighten spades will be harder with the same budget posts.

Unusually, the lacquer finish included the bottom side of the plinths with their threaded spike receivers. Little spike shoes to protect parquet floors were included.