Here we see the clear-anodized version and the black one.

When the conical footers are used as they might on a low boy in lieu of dedicated stands, there's the option to employ either three or four.

Where the matching stands are preferred, the same threaded receivers help bolt the monitors securely to their top plates whilst optimizing a rigidly coupled vibrational path to ground.

With Acelec, the Aluminator Club of speakerdom—think Fram, Magico, Stenheim, YG Acoustics & Bros—gets a new member. On price positioning, the Dutch Model One seems to be one of their least loaded. On construction ethos, it goes its separate way by neither using an extrusion nor bolting its panels rigidly. Instead it exploits rubberized bonding and bitumized liners to undermine the ringing bell effect. The thin rear dress plate is an obvious exception to secure access to the innards but the main rear frame beneath it still decouples from the side panels all the same.

The following photo shows the substantial thickness of the Model One aluminium enclosure.

Delivery in two double-boxed cartons revealed speakers smaller than expected. A nude CD perfectly covers up that mid/woofer, leaving only the basket rim visible. That makes the driver just 4.7" or 12cm in diameter. Voilà, a useful reference to gauge actual proportions not ballooned by mistaking the radial-slashed transducer for its bigger 6.5" ScanSpeak Revelator cousins. In short, this is a surprisingly compact box seemingly hewn from solid. Black foam port bungs were included to plug the ports if desired. Here we see the One during my first session in the smaller upstairs system. That had a Soundaware D100Ref as SD card transport, a CanEver ZeroUno HPA stretch its review legs as a DAC/pre, similar to the forthcoming Cees Sonnet Morpheus though the latter uses variable reference voltage for volume, the former on-chip 32-bit digital. A Crayon Audio CFA-1.2 acted as pure amp and a set of Gekko Cables Purple Haze interconnects and speaker cables clocked some welcoming hours for their own review.

Once this assortment of strangers had shaken hands and broken bread, I'd have to revert to my usual hardware familiars to only change one thing at a time. But I already knew that the one thing would be a very good time – an echo perhaps of a long-ago encounter with the Stenheim Alumine in a Swiss castle?