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An origin story

Writer: Srajan Ebaen
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Beans have been spilled. So said my email header. Cause was a note from a another manufacturer. With a Zoom request for a review, he'd mentioned that "by the way, Martin of sound|kaos was asking me for a special amp version for a subwoofer project he's working on and you're apparently involved with so he said. He actually sent me a link on your website but I had no time yet to peruse it. Maybe we can talk about that too if you have time."

That was actually the first I ever heard of it. Now I had to ask Martin. "Ah… just can't keep a secret in this business. Well, it wouldn't be the first time you end up being the catalyst in a project of mine. I'm presently working on a big sub. Of course aside from needing the right amp for it, the other main ingredient will be the filter. In November I'd ordered a carbon copy Ebaen SE preamp from Pál. Once you had put the icOn Pro4 review to bed, I thought I had all the ingredients for a proper musical sub. As you know, my previous sub projects never really hit the right 'musical notes'. And then the Gradient Box came along to have me ask Pál to put SK on top of his OEM client list."

"So there you have it: 2 x 15" Audio Technology woofers in a pretty streamlined layer-cake box of Birch ply, as compact as I can make it with a solid wood top. I recall you saying that none of the dipole or RiPol subs you heard made it much below 30Hz. Add Pál's Gradient remote-controlled filter. Add an ace amp in one minimalist box with the filter. Hey, you have to aim high to hit the right notes. There's even been thought of a smaller sub (10") with two satellite speakers with 11cm Enviée + Raal ribbon. Now that would be a neat little setup. Just doing my usual ducking and diving."