Confession alert: over the past few months, I definitely listened to more music over this system than my main system especially after moving house and packing up the big rig. The soundgil was first to follow me into my new home and I only wish that they had a transport bag or attaché case to carry it with me on future holidays or travels. That's how much I like this little system.

Parallels with the bonsai culture of Japan or the Penjing of China as the art of miniaturizing trees come to mind. The difference between these two arts is that the Chinese Penjing is more often representative of a complex landscape. And that's what today was all on about – the recreation of a busy soundstage in miniature. When we listen more closely, we don't sense any limitations on color or detail and the art of reduction does not tire because surprisingly, the proportions are preserved and the inherent structural logic of the scene remains intact. Just as you might not tire of your miniature trees, so the soundgil Cube won't wear out its welcome with its art of seduction.

As a first hifi purchase, it seems difficult not to fall in love with. With the Cube, the audiophile passion shall surely be transferred to the next generation. And those who already are carriers of the virus like me should be just as enthusiastic as I have been.

Yes it is a mini system but with all the attributes and qualities one is entitled to expect from the high end. It is not yet free of all nits and I would have liked to play HD tracks via USB. The iPhone app probably needs some finetuning (soundgil confirm this is ongoing) but the foundation is laid and for an entry into the micro-system landscape, a great success. The amplifiers, drive units and mechanical assembly are beyond reproach.

When the base is this solid, the rest is just polishing up and the intrinsic musical qualities of the soundgil Cube should make many people very happy. To lend a little more weight to this, I decided to acquire the Cube as permanent equipment for my home and to award it my "Great Thrill of 2018" distinction.