Though it seemed once again hopeless, I did press my case with the GigaWatt and Marton guys to review their impressive new amplifier. To my surprise they agreed and after a few months of wait, the Opusculum Reference 3 arrived. The delay wasn't due to any logistics. It was because after their first show presentation, the team had discovered ways to make the machine even better. But finally a specialized transport company delivered my long-anticipated Marton review loaner. As its makers took its first formal assignment very serious, Marek Knaga, Adam Szubert and Piotr Sadulski all came with to help set it up, answer questions and hear for themselves the initial performance of their beast in my space.

To have options, I'd made sure to have four pairs of speakers at my disposal. Apart from my trusty Ubiq Audio Model One Duelund Edition and wonderful GrandiNote Mach4, I also asked ESA for their Credo Stone as the best Polish loudspeakers I'd ever reviewed. Finally I requested that Soundclub, Polish distributors of Mårten speakers and GigaWatt, would loan me one of their models which I hold in very high regard. So they delivered a pair of fantastic Mingus Quintet floorstanders. I also had at my disposal the new J. Sikora KV12 Kevlar tone arm, LampizatOr's flagship Pacific DAC and a few additional cable sets. I was fully equipped to see what the Marton Opusculum Reference 3 could do.

Again, this is a huge solid-state amplifier. It measures 47.5 x 56.5 x 38.2cm and weighs 95kg of non-magnetic metal which shields the electronic circuit from EMI and RFI. All chassis parts are CNC machined. The final structure rests on GigaWatt's own roller-ball isolators. Control is purely by remote. There are no buttons or knobs on the face plate. The thick aluminum front features only a nice Oled display and a few indicator lights. Both lateral heat sinks and slots in the cover support proper heat dissipation and ventilation despite which the machine can still get quite hot. The rear panel features two chunky handles but considering the net weight, don't even try to move this by yourself! There are six stereo inputs, two XLR and four RCA, as well as one mono XLR for bridged operation. The loaner included a PowerCon power inlet and custom 20A GigaWatt LS-2 EVO power cord.

The accompanying materials call one of the biggest challenges an amplifier must face its ability to convey short musical impulses of large energy peaks. To deliver short high-current transients, the Opusculum Reference 3, like all previous Marton amps, is a high-current dual-mono design. It drives loudspeakers whose impedance drops very low. Key are several separate low-noise regulated power supplies to allow a free flow of energy to the capacitors in the output stage. Another key is the enormous 2'500VA potted power transformer which mechanically isolates from the main chassis. A separate toroidal handles all digital and control circuits.