Psych profile for the LinnenberG Johann Sebastian Bach phono stage…
♦ tonally balanced. What might seem a subtle tendency into warmth is shortly after identified as:
♦ extreme precision and absence of distortion. I don't think better is possible.
♦ extreme channel separation which is conditioned only by the pressing and/or chosen pickup.
♦ impressively organic, sorted and clearly outlined imaging even in a very large room regardless of setup.
♦ very extended, controlled and accurate bass with always sufficient power and energy.
♦ a zero-personality midrange in the best sense of the term which produces utterly unpretentious realistic timbres.
♦ the most varied microdynamics I've yet heard in this sector. On macrodynamics and shove, competitors exists.
♦ non-dissective transparency, effortless resolution with absolutely massive data density but no tendency to exhibitionist/extrovert treble antics.
♦ intelligent design with high user-friendliness.

Psych profile of the LinnenberG Georg Philipp Telemann DAC/pre…
♦ shares all the J.S. Bach virtues but in certain areas at an even higher level.
♦ one of those is macrodynamics.
♦ is already sonically and with its three analog inputs and twin outputs a very impressive preamp.
♦ probably includes the best D/A converter I've yet heard.
♦ adds six digital filters for subtle tweaks according to user taste.

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Type: phono stage
♦ i/o: 2|1 XLR|RCA in, 1 x XLR out
♦ Dimensions & weight: 210 x 256 x 442mm, 10.2kg
♦ Finish: Black
♦ Other: All adjustments possible on the fly
♦ Warranty: 3 years

Georg Philipp Telemann:
Type: DAC/preamp
♦ i/o: coax, Toslink, AES/EBU, USB-B in, 2|1 XLR|RCA in, 2 x XLR out
♦ Measurements & weight: 210 x 256 x 442mm, 10.8kg
♦ Finish: Black
♦ Other: IR remote, 6 selectable digital filters
♦ Warranty: 3 years