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Limetree Network

This review first appeared in May 2019 on fairaudio.de. By request of the manufacturer and permission of the author, it is hereby syndicated from the German original to reach a broader English audience. Ed.

Reviewer: Michael Bruss
Analog Sources: J. Sikora Initial turntable, Kuzma Stogi Reference S12 arm, Transrotor Figaro cartridge
Digital sources: LinnenberG Telemann, AURALiC Aries, MacBook Pro
Preamps: LinnenberG Telemann, Neukomm MCA112S phono
Integrated amplifier: Linn Classik Movie II
Power amp: LinnenberG Liszt stereo
Loudspeakers: QLN Prestige Three, Nubert NuPro A100
Cables: Gutwire Chime 3, EON-Z and Synchrony 2 SE; Fastaudio Black Science; Audioquest Yukon, Graditech Kide 3 und Kide 1, JIB Boaacoustic Silver Digital Xeno USB, AudioQuest Vodka and Cinnamon Ethernet, A Carbon RCA, Graditech Kide Digital RCA 
Power cords: Audioquest Tornado, Gutwire SV-8, Gutwire G Clef 2, AudioQuest NRG-2 
Ground cable: Gutwire Ultimate Ground
Rack: Roterring Belmaro 33 customized
Accessories: Tsakiridis Super Athina AC filter, Ydol Relax 60 and fastaudio absorber, Acoustic System resonators, The Gryphon demagnetizer
Listening room: 24.5 m² with 2.7m ceiling
Review component retail: €895

Nature boy?

Small is beautiful. It's a thing.

Even smaller is yet fuller of it, that beautiful stuff. It's the sign of our times. And Lindemann have gotten the message. Voilà, their ultra-compact Limetree range. It puts a demanding clientele without lack of self confidence on notice. Leave your macho in the gym. And here no member of the Limetree club embodies the Bavarians' product politics of hyper integration more than today's €895 Limetree Network, a WiFi bridge for online streaming services or local media inclusive of a variable DAC all packed into real estate of less than 400 cubic centimetres. It's designed in Wörthsee, manufactured in the wider EU. But first stop a moment to actualize those dimensions. They enclose just a bit more volume than a current 4K Apple TV. In typical trophy hifi terms, that's the equivalent of a remote control for a point-to-point wired exotic 40kg valve amp where it'd probably be twice as heavy as the Limetree Network's 300 grams.

So, forget remote control. There isn't one. Instead the interface is Lindemann's very own app. Now the front panel only needs an off/on toggle which also switches to DSD. More on that anon. The back end is quite sparse, too. Aside from a 5V power inlet, there's 100Mbit/s Ethernet, a WLAN antenna connector and a USB-A slot for external hard drives or USB sticks, not to be used as a digital computer input.

Signals exit via gold-plated analogue outputs. Digital outputs are MIA. Already possess a quality DAC you wish to team up with a cost-effective audiophile streamer? Turn a page in Limetree's portfolio. Their Bridge is today's Network just without the DAC.