I have experimented and tested the Krolo Design Enhansers for a lengthy period. I have auditioned them on many different types of equipment in my two systems. I have also brought them to numerous friends with different racks, gear and speakers.

The first observation became that the Krolo Design footers never did any harm to the performance of my systems or those of my audiophile acquaintances.

At times they did render no discernible positive difference over the stock feet of a specific component. At no times did they create negative results such as drying out timbres, bloating images, making the music edgy/analytical, throwing the overall tonal balance of the system out of proportion, flattening out the soundstage or sucking out the dynamics

For a great percentage of the time, the Enhansers did the following in the many diverse systems I auditioned them in to evaluate their effects on the performance of different types of components.

The noise floor lowered dramatically and transparency increased so micro detail could be heard much more clearly. The overall dynamics and pace of the music became more toe tapping and engaging. The soundstage increased in height and depth with more air around the individual instruments. Finally, the level of liquidity and ease became more noticeable.

The Krolo Design Enhansers are extremely well built and very reasonably priced compared to other isolation footers that cost hundreds of dollars more. As far as I can tell, they never do any harm but on the great majority of equipment increase transparency, liquidity, bass definition, soundstaging height/depth, air and pace, rhythm and timing. For all these reasons, the Enhansers are my go-to footers. Built with quality materials and accompanied by a reasonable theory on why they work, they enhance the performance of the great majority of components they are placed under and remain very cost effective. This makes the Krolo Design Enhansers an easy recommendation for listeners who look for an isolation device that can upgrade the performance of their system.

Quality of packing: Excellent.
Reusability of packing: Can be used numerous times.
Delivery: UPS.
Website comments: Well written and informative.
Human interactions: Friendly and supportive.
Warranty: One year.
Final comments: Excellent isolation footers that do no harm and offer beautiful musical benefits in the great majority of systems. Also, priced very reasonably compared to other devices which offer these types of significant improvements.