For instance, on certain preamplifiers and CD transports, the closer I used one of the Enhansers where their transformer was located, the more dramatic the results became over that footer being further away from it on the chassis bottom. Another option that yields excellent results uses the Enhansers in lieu of speaker spikes. Audiophile friends use them on hardwood floors with great results. Historically I have experimented with many isolation devices/footers to see if I could tweak my system for higher performance. Here's a partial list of what I tried: Cardas Myrtlewood blocks, Audio Magic ceramic cones, Harmonix Combak tuning feet, Magico Qpods, Mapleshade triple-point brass footers, Townshend seimic sink platform, Black Diamond Racing isolation pads, Goldmund cones, Stillpoints LLC Ultras, Marigo Audio Lab TR mystery feet and Shun Mook Audio Mpingo discs. Some of these were very inexpensive, others well into the thousands of dollars. I found zero correlation between price and performance.

When I informed one of the manufacturers that his very expensive footers, over $1'200 for three, made no difference over the stock preamplifier feet except slightly dry out the timbres in negative fashion regardless of where I positioned them, he responded with "you must be deaf. Hundreds of customers swear by them. No reviewer has ever had a negative response to my product!" I share this to make a few salient points about isolation footers. First, many can change the overall presentation of a system. However, change does not necessarily equate to an improvement. I have used isolation devices that gave me more detail and transparency but dried out the overall colors of the system.

Another example would be a set of footers which opened up the soundstage but at the same time undermined PRaT and dynamics. Many isolation devices are very system dependent, meaning in one system they might render wonderful results, in another they could cause negative changes. One of the footers on my list did very well under solid-state gear because it caused a very slight enlargement of the harmonic envelope and a desirable fullness to the sound. However, under tube-based gear the same footers led to a bloated unrealistic enlargement of the body of notes. Thirdly, I had experiences were an isolation device placed under one piece of equipment did improve the performance whereas when placed under another in the same system, caused a negative result such as thinning out of the overall presentation.