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Reviewer: Terry London
Financial interests: Director of the Chicago Institute for REBT & Clinical Director for the Above and Beyond Family Recovery Treatment Center in Chicago
Sources: Mhdt Labs Orchid DAC, Jay's Audio MkII transport
Preamplifier: Linear Tube Audio single chassis reference
Power amplifiers: Bricasti Design M15, Pass Labs XA-25, Threshold S/550e
Loudspeakers: Tekton Design Ulfberht on Sistrum Apprentice platforms, Martin Logan Depth 1 subwoofers x 2
Cables: Sablon Audio Corona S/PDIF, full loom of Black Cat Cable Coppertone
Power delivery: Dignity Audio PPT-1500 watt transformer, Audio Archon power cords
Equipment rack: Krolo Design Tomo reference rack, Krolo Design Enhansers
Review component retail: $250/3

At the 2012 Chicago Axpona show, I noticed how my three favorite rooms had all their gear on Krolo Design racks, amplifier stands and isolation footers. I had never heard of Krolo Design. Therefore I inquired about them with the individuals who had rooms that were delightfully musical using Krolo Design. They informed me that designer/CEO Mirko Krolo was attending the show and that I could set up a meeting to discuss his products.

This conversation led to a review of his reference Tomo rack with the acrylic/aluminum platform on top for further isolation of a turntable, DAC or CD transport. Mirko explained that his reference rack is named in honor of his late father. It turned out that the Tomo was superlatively built, very elegant and significantly improved the sound of my main system. This higher level of performance revolved around a much lower noise floor, higher clarity/resolution, more extended and accurate bass, a larger more open and airy soundstage and more liquidity to relax me deeper into the music. I purchased the Tomo which still provides me with its wonderful effects in my larger system these many years later.

Mirko's theory behind all of his products including today's is based on these assumptions. First, any power supply will cause physical vibrations which contaminate the purity of the audio signal. It is therefore necessary to bleed off these vibrations with his devices. Secondly, vibrations can travel through both air and floor to negatively affect the sound of a system. In his Enhansers, he only uses materials and isolation strategies which evacuate self-induced electrical vibrations out of the piece of gear they're underneath of.  At the same time they prevent structure-borne vibrations from entering as a negative form of distortion.

The Krolo Design Enhansers are priced at $250 for a set of three and incorporate dynamic spacing between two contact points. The Delrin and stainless steel parts making up these footers are precisely machined to exact tolerances. A set of three will support up to 200 pounds. When you place a set underneath a piece of equipment, always have the cones face up. Through experimentation I discovered that depending on where exactly they are placed under different gear could lead to more effective results.