Kinki's studio is a room 4.3 wide by 6.4m deep with high ceilings. The space is treated with acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusers. Speakers are 5-segment open-baffle Pure Audio Project Quintet 10 with Horn 2 tweeters. Power to the tall equipment stack comes from a 2KVA German-made Block balanced power transformer which supplies passively cleaned AC to the electronics.

The source is an Intel NUC with Roon and Synology NAS; and Soundaware D300Ref via I²S over HDMI. There's also a SotM smS-200Ultra Neo USB running into a Denfraips Gaia D/D converter via I²S over HDMI. A Denafrips Terminator DAC does the number crunching to analog either way. Then Kinki's EX-P7 preamp takes over to supply a pair of their EX-M7 mono mates. Power cords are Gotham Power, interconnects Sommercable Epilogue. In these photos, today's stereo amp replaces the monos.

Our own system duplicates the Soundaware D300Ref/Denafrips Terminator combo. Even a Denafrips Gaia was already booked for review. The Kinki Studio EX-M7 would feel right at home.

On its FedEx route from Guangzhou/China, it passed Grace-Hollogne in Belgium, Paris then Stansted in Great Britain before touching down in Dublin at 5:21AM with a "package available for clearing" note. When the bell rang, a box sat in front of the door, with the driver already back in his car. He knows our address inside out.

That you may feel likewise for the EX-M7's address, designer Mr. Liu provided these measurements. The above is for 8Ω power, with 4Ω rated at 420wpc. Next we see the frequency response…