With a single pair of output devices, thus one lone transistor per half cycle, more creative marketing copy often calls such circuits single-ended push/pull. While a misnomer, it does properly point at this being the most minimal most 'purist' way of going about a push/pull arrangement where nothing is paralleled but singular.

Here we see a pair of unmarked 250-watt Exicon laterales guarding the Western border.

The eight big lytic caps are premium United Chemi-Con SNH issue for 96'000μF total capacitance.

Here we see a smaller transformer for secondary housekeeping chores…

… and a pair of premium protection relays.

Not visible is the dedicated sub plinth which floats the power transformer above the central partition brace. That we saw earlier with its viscoelastic decouplers.

On chassis build, Anteos was plainly a few cuts above our plainer more lightweight Liszt. At this juncture, Theo called in from Basel to talk about his collaboration with Anthony.